holiday bulletin

Here is some information for those of you who might be interested in making holiday purchases.

Canada Post shipping dates (plus or minus a few days for packing, and in time for December 25) have been posted in the shop header. I wish the cut-off dates weren't coming up so soon, but we can arrange for faster shipping if necessary. We appreciate your patience with shipping.

That said, here are a few other options.

In person: we are doing one show only this season, and this Saturday. It's called Handmade Holiday, and it is presented by Kid Icarus. This one is always a lovely show, and we'll have special items with us. This will be the only place to get one of the Wild Heart totes we did for Summerland in person (unless you live in Portland, in which case Summerland will be selling them at a market the following weekend). I'm also hoping to have some luxe wool cashmere neckties available. Come say hi!

We will also have some items at this pop-up shop at NACO on Dundas, as well as at our usual stockists.

Online: we are participating in a fantastic holiday shop, hilariously also called Handmade Holiday. If you order items from this shop they will be shipped from the United States, so that will give you a faster shipping option if you live in the US.

Thank you all for your support this past year. It means so much to us. xo

Photo via Anja.


shimmer shimmer like a girl

I recently received some beautiful, luxurious pieces from Lulu Frost (lucky me!) and I'm looking forward to wearing them to holiday parties. Sparkle is just so necessary. I am forever influenced by Bre's disco party.

I have to admit that when I picked out the Teardrop necklace, I actually had the idea of "something blue" on my mind...

The other two pieces here are the Mesh Narrow bracelet (which incorporates a vintage brooch into the piece, and the Cascade earrings. These earrings would look lovely with a sassy high ponytail, I think.

If you've seen me in real life lately I've probably been wearing this faux fur coat -- I really can't get enough of it. I feel a bit like a little kid in it, so the grown-up accessories help.

Thank you, Lulu.

If you're wondering about the title of the post, it's a reference to this, my favourite Veruca Salt song. Also, I took these pictures with a teeny-tiny new film camera that Geoff found for me, an Olympus Stylus Epic. 


dreamcats 2012

There almost wasn't a dreamcats calendar this year, but Geoff really wanted to make one since he really enjoyed making the 2011 version (aw, Pony was so much smaller then!). I know this isn't a very practical calendar since you can't write on it, but it's more like an art print, or like a tea towel calendar.

I love fluffy white kittens but can't have one of my own — two cats is my limit, and there's enough fur on all my clothes already — so at least now I can look at them every day. The images were taken from a vintage cats book that Sonja gave us last year.

Available here or here


onward, lulu

Some beautiful imagery via Onward, Lulu, the blog of jewelry line Lulu Frost. It reminds me of both Wildfox's and Bre's blogs & makes me want to put on a faux fur coat and so many bracelets.


wedding shoes

Geoff & I have been engaged for quite a while: since December 1, 2008. For years I thought that we would just pick a date and go to City Hall and make it official, and talked about doing this, but over the past three years I knew (I knew!) in my heart that that wasn't something we could realistically do. We had to be ready for the alternative, and we are now ready for it. Posting this makes me feel quite nervous, since it's so personal.

We have a date set for next September. We are having a church wedding, which has surprised a few people, but it feels right (I find comfort in tradition, in the repetition of familiar words). We don't have a reception venue, because looking at venues in Toronto gives me a panicked feeling, and fields or farms or even large yards aren't readily available to us. We might have our reception at a restaurant that most of our friends can take a short cab ride to get to (this is actually really important to me). Our every day lives are full of self-expression and creative endeavours. Our wedding will be an extension of that, and not the only example of it in our lives. We don't intend to go all out, and I don't want to spend every moment of the next few months thinking or talking about it. I want it to be a fun party!

I won't turn this into a wedding blog, but I thought that I could occasionally share things like this: these are the shoes that I will most likely wear. They are simple white leather oxfords that I found on clearance. I've worn them around the apartment, and I have strung these pretty laces that Tara sent me through them. They are just so typically me, so chill and comfortable, and therefore perfect (my mother will beg to differ).



I'm on Emma's blog today as part of her "Lovely Lady" (aw, shucks) series. This one includes a giveaway, so be sure to visit if you'd like a chance to enter. And here you can see why I don't do outfit posts: so awkward! (If you read the post you'll see that the scarf is a Fieldguided scarf. Yes. I have been sitting on those samples since early 2011 and just haven't had the funds/confidence to get anywhere with them, even if I really do love them.)

Holiday things are starting to trickle in, but I don't mind since I always love the lead-up to the end of December (I try not to pay too much attention to the gift-buying parts and try to focus on the holiday parties part). I recently contributed to the Little Paper Planes holiday lookbook. My icy picks are here.

I also contributed a post to Honey Kennedy: Milky Pix: Cat Edition.


perfect fall

On Friday Geoff & I grabbed our bikes to soak in cool fall vibes. We bumped into so many pals who were out doing the same.

First things first: Geoff gave the neighbourhood feral cat a lil' snack.

Stopped at Ezra's Pound on Dundas for some coffee and reading. I have been reading The Line of Beauty for what feels like forever (I have cheated on it a few times, with the new Nicholson Baker for example, which is really a book meant for cheating).

Cat ears on errrrrrrrything.

"I'm the luckiest girl on the lower west side..." (um, sorry everyone).

My bike is a heap for real. But I love it anyhow. And yes, I will take any opportunity I can to wear a cape.

We always like to visit Erin when she's working at Robber, where I admired jewelry from Iacoli & McAllister (as well as the Shadow Cloak from Samantha Pleet, which I'll have to daydream about forever).

We gave Erin the new Real Estate record as a belated birthday present and it's really well designed.

Geoff has been looking for a pair of nice brown shoes for ages and finally found a vintage pair at 69 Vintage, deadstock and for a tiny price. He was so proud of this purchase. I think they're lovely.

"Hold my tote bag." We are just such huge fans of tote bags, but that's a cool band too. At this point we had bumped into Katie and Geoff took some photos of us, which I thoughtfully adorned with cat heads.

We ended off the day with the new Lula for me and Vietnamese food. Best.