I'm on Emma's blog today as part of her "Lovely Lady" (aw, shucks) series. This one includes a giveaway, so be sure to visit if you'd like a chance to enter. And here you can see why I don't do outfit posts: so awkward! (If you read the post you'll see that the scarf is a Fieldguided scarf. Yes. I have been sitting on those samples since early 2011 and just haven't had the funds/confidence to get anywhere with them, even if I really do love them.)

Holiday things are starting to trickle in, but I don't mind since I always love the lead-up to the end of December (I try not to pay too much attention to the gift-buying parts and try to focus on the holiday parties part). I recently contributed to the Little Paper Planes holiday lookbook. My icy picks are here.

I also contributed a post to Honey Kennedy: Milky Pix: Cat Edition.


Hopscotch: Yes, I hope so too! I've been loving your travel photos lately!

Jane Flanagan: Thank you! And yes, the weather couldn't have been better. I was so glad we took that little bike ride.

tamerajane: A highly recommended activity! We stick to quiet side streets, which are so much nicer to ride along.

Libby: That's so funny because I always assume people expect Toronto to be so cold! We're lucky to get all kinds of weather, I think.

jillh: That happens to me occasionally with other blogs!

hungryandfrozen: I really do enjoy it, although it does have scary moments.

alexandria: Thank you!

east side bride: Ha! It just looks that way. Illusions!

erica: It's possible! I mean, most of my days are spent at Robarts Library and maybe the yoga studio before I head home, so these sorts of excursions are actually an exception. I highly recommend Ezra's Pound, both locations! Really good coffee, if you're a coffee person.

lola is beauty: Thanks, sweet Claire!

EvaForeva: Come along! Thank you.

elle :: everything reminds me of you: Thank you! Funnily enough I don't like the colours in them... I love autumn light, though. But I'm glad I took them and have them.

greenbeen: They're great shoes! He just loves them. Thank you!

hannah kristina metz: Yes please!

katie merchant / thank you, ok: Maybe I'm just a short cat!

Sam: Thank you!

Xochiltyay: It was very lovely indeed.

NICOMADE: Thanks! I totally will.

anja louise verdugo: Thanks, buddy!

Juan Satizabal: Thank you!

tara-lynn: Oh, hmm... do you have plans to come to Toronto soon? I think it's widely available. Or if you'd like I can pick up a copy for you and leave it at Robber... it's so expensive to ship!

Heidi: I do like it here!

caroline: Thanks! The bike is 20+ year old Raleigh Transit. A friend gave it to me many years ago.

Nastya: Thank you!

Darcy: Yeah, it's a great tote! Makes me wish I had designed it.

TwoBrunettes: I got the case on eBay. Just search "kutusitanyanko iphone" or "kutusita nyanko iphone."

Stephanie: Thank you!

Catherine @ The Spring: Oh yes, I agree about the light soles. Thanks for saying hello and for the kind words!

anne b.: It was, thank you! Love that cape.


  1. I LOVE the scarf and most definitely would buy one for myself (aka pleeease sell them!). That cape is pretty fantastic, too. :)

  2. yes, love the scarf! and the cape too. i have an old wool cape that was my grandmother's and i'm sad to say i've never worn it! it's longer than yours here and also has a hood (but it's navy and has a red lining!) must make an excuse to wear it....

  3. You are SO precious. I would love a Fieldguided scarf :)

  4. So cool! I love your cape :), and can't wait to see what the scarf is all about ;)

  5. as much as i love having a summer christmas, every so often i yearrrn to know what it feels like to celebrate in winter. looks so cosy :) i want to wear capes!

  6. You are totally foxy and I love the scarf.

  7. you are such a beauty. when i saw you were her lovely lady i got excited to click through the link.

  8. how funny, you're just a few blocks from me most days! for some reason i never go into robarts except to put things on reserve. matthew is very excited about going to ezra's pound, he's super serious about his coffee!

  9. Love the scarf, Anabela! Have you ever thought of doing a Kickstarter? I'm sure plenty of folks would chip in to make more of those lovely scarves. (Including this girl!)

  10. Well you look great and I love your selection of icy things over at Little Paper Planes, each pick compliments the others so well.

  11. Love your fall post previous, what a lovely Toronto day!
    I love your scarf, I noticed it right away. So nice that it's one of yours! I absolutely love my hankie, I hope you'll feel comfortable selling them. They're gorgeous!

  12. anabela! i need one of those scarves - i hope you offer them soon, or i might have to come up there and raid your samples!

  13. Scarves!? Exciting. I hope we see more soon.

  14. I would love to see more of this scarf!!

  15. the people demand scarf-age, obvs. made to order?

  16. I find having my photo taken so awkward too, but you've managed to pull it off way better than I ever could anabela!

  17. hey where can i get this tote! http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6034/6320480199_10a8d758ef_z.jpg :)

    also is this a tote for guys since you used a male models? http://fieldguided.blogspot.com/2011/10/vu-de-lexterieur.html#comments would you personally carry it? i'm a girl and am not sure if it'd look weird

  18. That tote is from the Wild Nothing website: http://wildnothing.bigcartel.com/

    Sure, girls can carry that tote! I do!