holiday bulletin

Here is some information for those of you who might be interested in making holiday purchases.

Canada Post shipping dates (plus or minus a few days for packing, and in time for December 25) have been posted in the shop header. I wish the cut-off dates weren't coming up so soon, but we can arrange for faster shipping if necessary. We appreciate your patience with shipping.

That said, here are a few other options.

In person: we are doing one show only this season, and this Saturday. It's called Handmade Holiday, and it is presented by Kid Icarus. This one is always a lovely show, and we'll have special items with us. This will be the only place to get one of the Wild Heart totes we did for Summerland in person (unless you live in Portland, in which case Summerland will be selling them at a market the following weekend). I'm also hoping to have some luxe wool cashmere neckties available. Come say hi!

We will also have some items at this pop-up shop at NACO on Dundas, as well as at our usual stockists.

Online: we are participating in a fantastic holiday shop, hilariously also called Handmade Holiday. If you order items from this shop they will be shipped from the United States, so that will give you a faster shipping option if you live in the US.

Thank you all for your support this past year. It means so much to us. xo

Photo via Anja.


erica: Thank you! And yeah, I know what you mean. They're such cute rings! I like that the '1' looks a little like a twig, but the number doesn't have much significance to me, personally.

a_berson: Yes!

in dreams: Ooh, I love that. Sounds like the best combination.

Wayside Violet: Thank you!

hila: I know what you mean about feeling like a kid playing dress up because I feel the same way. But there's just something about being in a big soft coat!


  1. oh hey, handmade holiday is taking place literally down the street from me. wool cashmere neckties? matthew's birthday in 3 weeks? count me in!

  2. totally stopping by st.stephen's...that show looks great! (and i finally have a saturday off, too...hooray!)

  3. I have been dropping hints for some of your things. We'll see who has been paying attention. ;)

  4. See you on Saturday!

  5. Handmade holiday gifts are the best!

    xoxo Kathrin

  6. I really need to order a tote bag some point soon!

  7. I love this list! I have a couple of ballet workout videos. Maybe I should actually use them. I love the idea of my ballet being my exercise. Even though I am awful at it:)