onward, lulu

Some beautiful imagery via Onward, Lulu, the blog of jewelry line Lulu Frost. It reminds me of both Wildfox's and Bre's blogs & makes me want to put on a faux fur coat and so many bracelets.


Melinda Josie: Thanks for the sweet words, lady! Psst, we're sharing a photographer! I am so excited about that.

marissa (stylebook): So sweet, thank you!

Ro: I'm glad you appreciate that sentiment... it's just not my style to put that much pressure on myself, i.e. that the one day has to be so perfect. Just have fun! Thank you.

soniadeli: Thank you, and I hope so!

Camille: Ugh, I really hate limousines although I do appreciate why they are useful. Thank you for the sweet words. I will have to revisit them if I ever start to go a little crazy.

sushi lover, naomemandeflores, Jessica Kleoppel, Xochiltyay, amy, Bre, Alexia, katie merchant / thank you, ok: Thank you!

rachel: Thank you! I've actually never been to a restaurant one but I like the idea of a built-in low key quality, you know?

Darcy: Ha! Yes, not caring about other people's opinion on things you love is pretty important.

EvaForeva: Thank you, & I hope so...

erica-knits: Thanks, lady!

Sarah: Whoa, party bus! That sounds really fun.

amy w - over and under: Thank you! I'm torn about speeches... they can be nice but I think I would just be so embarrassed!

Angela Barnes: Thank you -- yikes, I hope so.

Elena: Thank you!

sarah: Oh yes, that's such an important thing to me. Thank you.

justine | lovemaki: Maybe it will be really boring! Just kidding. Thank you!

unique weddings: Thank you.

alice: You're sweet to say so, thank you!

Simone: I sure did, it was a beautiful celebration!

Elaina: Thank you! I hope so too.

in dreams: Thanks! Oh yes, I didn't want to have it at a time of year when the potential for blizzards could arise. I would love to have a reception at an art gallery (I think that would be the most natural choice for us) but because of a series of compromises I've had to make, there will be a seated dinner and most galleries aren't large enough to accommodate that. Plus they can be really expensive! At least at a restaurant you don't have to pay to rent the room. Melinda Josie had her reception at that gallery (Thrush Holmes) and it looked lovely. It's a great space.

Stephanie: I can't help it... I don't consider myself a religious person but after 20+ years of Catholic school, I can't help but have it be the natural choice. Plus I'm really not the sort of person to write her own vows.

Jennifer: That's so wonderful to hear!

Miss Crowland: You know, I haven't. I already have a place in mind, my dad's friend owns it. Probably not as nice as Le Select, but oh well!

Rosie: <3!

CARLY WAITO: Thank you, yaay! Hope to see you again soon.

rachael: Thanks!

Julia: Thank you! Well, there will definitely have to be a fair amount of compromise because we can't do it without help. I think that ultimately we will have our own say on a good chunk of it, though.

Jane Flanagan: Wow, that is so kind of you to say, thank you so much. If I ever get out of hand, please TELL ME.

Hollie: Thank you! I hope so!

east side bride: That makes me so happy. So glad! I know how much you like shoooooes.

danica: Thank you! And exactly. Geoff isn't all that much taller than I am and since I broke my ankle a few years ago I am rather wobbly in heels. No one wants a stumbling bride ripping her dress down the aisle...

hila: Thank you, sweet Hila! That was a lifetime ago, it seems! I am also baffled by how much people spend on them. It is unbelievable to me.

Hwasoon: Thank you, sweet lady. 

Trixia: Thank you! 

Up The Wooden Hills: Thank you so much! I'm excited about the dress too, it's probably my favourite part! I hope I will look nice in it. 

april: Finally, right? And YES PLEASE. Maybe I'll hire you to be my decorator!


  1. Anonymous17.11.11

    Love alllll these images. So pretty.



  2. oh the prettiness here is sublime. that bottom picture with the woman with huge flowers in her hair seems to require the subtitle of, "let's go to hawaii" :)

  3. I really badly want to DIY a chartreuse glitter turban. What a cute blog.

  4. yes!! thrush holmes is exactly where i was thinking! so awesome. (maybe her reception was the one i saw? i was on a st.car, so i couldn't read/see properly...) i totally get the restaurant thing - if you're already renting something, why not make sure they can feed you too, right? right. :) it sounds weird, but i really can't wait to see your flowers. i know they'll be perfect. (see? weird. how many months away is it? haha.)

  5. I love all those accessories...particularly the giant rings and the hair full of flowers :)

  6. Love the bracelets & rings! So gorgeous!

    Satin&Souffles xx