shimmer shimmer like a girl

I recently received some beautiful, luxurious pieces from Lulu Frost (lucky me!) and I'm looking forward to wearing them to holiday parties. Sparkle is just so necessary. I am forever influenced by Bre's disco party.

I have to admit that when I picked out the Teardrop necklace, I actually had the idea of "something blue" on my mind...

The other two pieces here are the Mesh Narrow bracelet (which incorporates a vintage brooch into the piece, and the Cascade earrings. These earrings would look lovely with a sassy high ponytail, I think.

If you've seen me in real life lately I've probably been wearing this faux fur coat -- I really can't get enough of it. I feel a bit like a little kid in it, so the grown-up accessories help.

Thank you, Lulu.

If you're wondering about the title of the post, it's a reference to this, my favourite Veruca Salt song. Also, I took these pictures with a teeny-tiny new film camera that Geoff found for me, an Olympus Stylus Epic. 


CARLY WAITO, ALDRIN, jenny gordy, jen, DEADWEIGHT, Celine, mackenzie, darcy, Up The Wooden Hills, NoƩmie (As Ink Remains), Kitiya Palaskas, Christine, fathima, isitsecretisitsafe, hungryandfrozen, Reanna, fathima, Anna Emilia: Thank you all so much for the sweet comments! Nice little morale boost! I'm really proud of Geoff for producing that sweet calendar.

anja louise verdugo: Almost didn't! Glad it happened too.

kater: Aw! I'm so glad you like it. I am honoured you would want to spend your pennies on it!

in dreams: Oh yes, Amy's blog gives me serious floral envy (if that's a thing). What a beautiful life!

Hopscotch: You know, we've never really thought about tea towels. Probably because we don't own or use fancy tea towels ourselves!

Kate: Ha! I'd love to see it the re-brand! Too bad about the lack of cats.

hila: I understand completely! It's a constant source of stress, but also inspires feats of creative thinking to get around it sometimes... Ahem.

christine: Thanks for sending that along.

Sarah: So happy to hear that!

BlondeMuse: Oh, I love white Persian cats. So beautiful!


  1. hah, that coat looks awesome with your new baubles (and it looks warm). i've been hemming and hawing over the lulu frost code rings but can't decide on a number!

  2. oh, those are gorgeous! love the bracelet...it's always so hard to find one that's just right, y'know? this post makes me want to wear silk+fur+expensive perfume...dangerous! haha.

  3. I can't pull off a fur coat, I sort of look like a kid playing dress ups :)

    I like your new sparkly trinkets!

  4. oh i really love the rhinestone bracelet. so sparkly and fun.

  5. oh my goodness, these are beautiful photos. and i still love veruca salt, too. we're old!

  6. gosh. what gorgeus baubles. i love costume jewelry done right. i hope you get lots of sparkle out of them this holiday season! :)

  7. beautiful packaging & pictures. can't get enough.

  8. I am a man, not a lady, and I must admit that it impressed me a lot those looking good things.

  9. so pretty and refined. and i love your photos! your blog is such a source of inspiration for me.

  10. That last picture is how i wanna look everyday i'm smitten ^.^

  11. Anonymous9.12.11

    this post title made me so happy

  12. gorgeous jewels. i just found my old veruca salt album. i miss bad ass chick music.

  13. Anonymous13.12.11

    Beautiful items! Great photos..

  14. Your blog is gorgeous!! Do you shoot all your images on film?? What is your favorite film to shoot? Loooove the look of your images, lovelove.