all i want for christmas is you

Banner from Nice! Love the inspiration, love the Constable kitty cameo.

I wasn't going to post any sort of gift guide this year, but I want to post these things to get them out of my system. It's basically a visual list of things I would love to own, although I know that if I don't own a single thing, I will be okay. Thank you for indulging me.

Left to right, row 1: Luxe faux fur hot water bottle, Restoration Hardware; go big or go home with a Louis Vuitton gold collar necklace (image via T magazine); fancy candles, perhaps from Diptyque, although this Byredo one sounds lovely (image via Up the Wooden Hills; who knew Ben Gorham went to Ryerson?)

Left to right, row 2: I have a set of Anja's cat coasters on its way to me but the peach and gold ones look amazing; gold Dieppa Restrepo oxfords; lately Bambi Northwood-Blyth has been my #1 brow inspiration, so lush! I've been trying to grow mine out a bit so I think in 2012 I'd love to visit, say, Gee Beauty for their Beauty Brow service to get them reshaped.

Left to right, row 3: silk scarf by Leah Goren; gold metallic shopper from Zara; silk colourblock socks from Hansel from Basel

Left to right, row 4: Ballet Beautiful DVDs. I have tried dozens of workout videos over the years and I am so picky about them. They are sometimes too boring, too annoying (how does the instructor know that I'm doing great? Hush!), too short, or involve too many high-impact moves that I can't perform in my second floor apartment. These look amazing, and based on the preview, they also look really tough. I don't imagine that I'll look remotely like a ballerina but at least I can look at one; shearling trapper hat from J. Crew which is sold out, which is for the best; XO tote from Need Supply

Left to right, row 5: coral/khaki tie from Alder & Co. (I would get this for Geoff but steal it); Moth origami lampshade by nellianna (via Miss Moss' peachy flamingo gift guide); dress from CALLA's spring/summer 2012 line (styling by Leith Clark; photo via CALLA's Facebook page)

Left to right, row 6: I feel like I keep seeing references to Rodin's Olio Lusso, and I'm very interested! It's so fancy; pretty handmade ballet flats by The White Ribbon (I love the styling in these photos); I love the vignettes that accompany the RUSSH astrology 2012 guide by Susan Miller (Virgo's is my favourite) -- it would be cool if all I got for real was the 2012 year she describes for Capricorn, please and thank you!


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  1. all of these gifts would be so so sweet to receive!

  2. Thanks for letting us indulge with you Anabela! I too have been eyeing Leah's new silk scarves!

  3. Very lovely gift guide, gorgeous colors.

    Growing out my eyebrows has been something I've been working on for literally years, I over plucked them to death in high school (again, literally years ago) and it's taken such a long time to recover, I'm hoping to get them arched soon.

  4. Yaay! I was secretly hoping you would post a gift guide (because you lady, have impeccable taste)!

  5. I've been using Monoi oil and totally can see the difference. Rodin has peeked my interest too - is it real or just great packaging?

  6. Lovely items - that kitty scarf is a favourite of mine as well... and that two-tone tie is amazing...

  7. Thank you! Lovely ideas. You have such a good taste. Hadn't heard of the Ballet Beautiful dvds before, they went straight to my wishlist.

  8. Gee Beauty is amazing for eyebrow threading. I love that place so much. Plus that's where you get the Rodin Oil (yes, I'm a siren).

    Love this list. Off to read my horoscope, even though Susan Miller always says depressing things for Cancerians.

  9. the ballet work outs look great i'd love to try them! although i must admit that i often buy those try the a few times and then abandon them, just like my gym membership, oops.

  10. such good picks, anabela!

    and yes, ballet beautiful is super tough! the kind of tough that has you feeling like you were hit by a train the next day (and that's from someone who did ballet for 11 years). that aside, i actually really recommend her video (the classic workout more than the blast series).

  11. I'm so pleased you decided to do a gift guide this year too - I'm not sure how you manage to find such great things, but I always so enjoy reading about them that I'm grateful that you do!

    I had seen Anja's cat coasters already and loved them but I had no idea she had also done them in peach and gold - I love them more! Also I'm not surprised that the shearling trapper hat is sold out, nor that you would be pinching that tie from Geoff if you bought it for him! It's all so nice.

  12. I completely know the feeling of wanting to compile all the things you'd like (but don't need) in order to get it out of your system. Plus it's fun, so who cares, right? I'm more than willing to indulge you :)

    oh that kitty silk scarf, how I do love thee.

  13. Good, good stuff. I need to do one of these too so I can clear out my brain and make room for what I am going to get for other people. I can't help it, I LOVE giving presents!

  14. i totally didn't go! so sad, but i was broke. :( (though i just finished reading the horoscope for capricorn, and all of my wildest dreams just flashed through my mind...maybe all hope is not lost! money from artsy things; going back to school; learning more about religion...it's like she read my mind!)

    i love this list...so many unexpected but awesome things. i have too many lists of what-i'd-love to count...pretty much if i got my whole etsy favourites list i'd be over the moon. ha! :)

  15. Anonymous14.12.11

    Woa I bet those socks are so comfy!!! Such a pretty post!! xx


  16. Such a great set! I really love the RUSSH horoscopes. Though I do wish Aquarius wasn't always so obviously "water".

  17. Aw Bambi! She's so cute, I met her at FP. Also she was in my favourite catalog of the year (September)

  18. So many beautiful things to dream about. I love the sound of that ballet workout! I just might have to order it as a New Years gift to myself. I know I'll be wanting to get back to the gym after the holidays, but it's going to be packed with New Years Resolution-ers. It would be nice to have something I can do from home!

  19. I highly recommend the Ballet Beautiful videos, both streaming & DVDs.

  20. Gorgeous gift guide.

  21. Every single post of yours is etched by beauty.
    I love everything.

    Merry Christmas to you Ma'm!

    sending you happy spells


  22. So much to covet! Sooo much. However, lucky me, I already have a fancy cushy white hot water bottle cover, that my best friend made me years ago out of an old sweatshirt of hers. Good to keep in mind if you don't locate one.

    Am particularly taken with those golden shoes, but then I am a bit of a magpie.