not forkchops tote giveaway (now closed)

Since we didn’t sell the tote that we made for Not Forkchops, and since not everyone was able to go by The Department to get one (they were free, guys! There was some misunderstanding about that when I originally posted about them, but they were promotional), we’ve decided to give a few away here in conjunction with Imm Living. As you may recall, this tote was made for a special event, with lyrics are from a song by the Brazilian band Os Mutantes. I have been shying away from hosting giveaways over the past year, but I thought I would make an exception for this one. Since today is a leap day, I thought it seemed auspicious-ish.

We have five totes to give away, and two of them will include a special gift from Imm: a heart or a horse head ceramic ornament container. The ribbon can be unthreaded to place a tiny note or gift inside, which is pretty adorable.

To enter, please leave a comment below. Mentions on Twitter (be sure to mention @fieldguided and @immLiving so I can track them) will get extra entries. I will choose five winners at random on Monday, March 5: three will win a tote, and two will win a tote plus an ornament. This giveaway is open internationally, so all entries are welcome. Good luck!


through milk-tinted glasses

Another outtake from the Scout & Catalogue shoot. These colours! I am now so enamoured of Kodak Portra 160 that I even enjoy taking pictures of nothing in particular.

A few of our recent postcards. Yes, the top one was inspired by the Craft Spells album cover

A paperweight, a piece of pink glass sent by Jenya, a dream catcher that Carly gave me for my birthday (a First Nations-made one that she picked up in Thunder Bay). I am on my way to being this guy! Just kidding.

These SUPER knockoffs from ASOS are amazing, but also kind of terrible.

A beautiful handprinted tank dress from Thief & Bandit.

I am not one for much pattern usually, but Amie’s work is so incredible and these colours are so perfect for me that I can’t resist it. Hello, summer 2012 wardrobe staple.


fortnight studio visit

On a gloomy day last week I stopped by the Fortnight Lingerie studio in Parkdale for a quick visit & took some photos while I was there. They had just finished up a production deadline & on this day things were a bit quiet. It was a lovely visit nonetheless & I am still no closer to making up my mind about what items I would love to order (because I want them all, you see).

This incredible musical note sign came off the front of Christina’s family’s music store. So amazing. That sign was hung in front of the store my whole childhood! It's nice that she was able to keep it.

Christina got these shoes at Chasse Gardée and they are the cuuutest.

I love this one, called Lola. I definitely recommend visiting a shop and trying on the pieces, if there happens to be a stockist local to you. Luckily, there are quite a few shops in Toronto that carry Fortnight.

Pretty postcard magnets from an event Fortnight did in Portland with Lille.

As I said, things were quiet on that day, but my friend Derrick Belcham recently made a sweet video showing Fortnight in production. Beautiful!


Thanks for letting me visit, Fortnight. x



Some treats for an unpleasant month (sorry, February babies). Katie-style.

Society 6 iPhone case, Nebula 3 by ThoughtCloud. The way I see it, I buy artwork for my walls, why not for something that I have on my person literally all day long? The case is really beautiful, although, sadly, it has already started chipping a bit along one of the edges.

Geoff & I aren’t really Valentine’s people, but I always feel compelled to get him something. This year I cheated and bought something both of us would want. I was walking past Soundscapes and I was happy to see both Blouse and Craft Spells records for sale because I had almost ordered these online. Plus free downloads, supporting my favourite music store, and beautiful art work! Sold. I gave them to Geoff over the weekend because I am not so good at surprises.

(The above picture was taken with the Diana lens that I had forgotten I owned.)

I’m going through a major Captured Tracks phase at the moment because I suspect that most of the bands on that label spent their formative years listening to the exact same music that I did. I can’t help but love nearly the entire label’s roster. It’s science, probably. A+ art department as well. Really into “Sleepwalking” by Cosmetics and “Harsh Realm” by Widowspeak.

A lucky find: deadstock vintage heart hoops. Rose petals on my fingers.

A shaggy, pretty hanging from Fleurlux, which I first spotted on Ashley Helvey’s blog.

An arrangement from Coriander Girl: always wonderful. Alison has just moved into a new, airy space that is so appropriately lovely for flower arranging.


repository pt. 3

1. I saw this image posted to Laura’s Instagram account (laurakitty) and now I can’t wait to get my hands on the March issue of Elle UK. Clémence Poésy in Valentino, photographed by Pierre Bailly, and styled by Leith Clark. Beautiful! Incidentally, I got out of bed ten minutes later than I had wanted to the day this video was posted because I had to watch the whole thing: soft tonal makeup video by Lisa Eldridge.
2. Yesterday I heard that the March issue of Mojo is going to include a CD of Leonard Cohen covers, and I love this Bill Callahan cover of “So Long, Marianne.” I have listened to it approximately 8748273 times already. True story: for a short while I worked for a rare/fine book dealer who knew Leonard Cohen personally, and apparently one time over lunch my boss tried to convince him to give up the music and focus on writing poetry only. He told me this very sheepishly.
3. Sweet Alyson has just opened a print shop! I love this piece, The Pink Palace, and not only because it has a kitten in it (although I do love the kitten as well). I adore her quiet, calm aesthetic.
4. Pictures I ran through Instagram and never actually posted of my current daily makeup: Baby Lips lip balm, tons of blush (Sephora’s own in Healthy Rose), and the eyebrow powder I got from Eye Love. I am kind of obsessed with the Maybelline Baby Lips balms. There are probably lots of moisturizing lip products with a slight tint out there (including some with more natural ingredients) but I guess I am a sucker for inexpensive things in cute packaging. In the picture of me I’m wearing Cherry Me.
5. Pastel wonderland at the ASOS SS12 preview via one of my favourite blogs, Park & Cube.

6. A cute short/mood piece (!) called “After the Honeymoon” made by East Side Bride for Catbird. I would like all of those rings, please. Behind the scenes shot via ESB, taken by Cary Tijerina. Bonus little puppy alert! (Watch the video.)
7. Really loving Montréal designer Eve Gravel’s SS12 collection, especially the dark florals.
8. & 9. I can’t say that I am really that excited for Valentine’s Day, but I love an excuse for a good heart-shaped object, like these heart-shaped sunglasses from ASOS or these hilarious heart brass knuckles from Summerland.

I definitely encourage a Valentine’s day heart confetti attack/glitter gold mess just like the one we made last Friday!



These are just a few snaps from a few weekends ago when Geoff & some friends & I went to a few shows that were a part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival, including Capacity and Not Forkchops. We walked along Dundas in the middle of a tiny blizzard that night, and I blushed every time someone walked by with one of the Os Mutantes totes.

Associates at Cooper Cole. The graphic designers in our group were trying to figure out what font this was. What the Font app consulted to confirm Bauer Bodoni. Thanks, technology!

At some point Chelsea noticed that all the boys were dressed similarly (two in gingham, even!). I had to censor some of the handsomeness because sometimes boys can be shy.


scout & catalogue spring 2012 pt. 2

The Scout & Catalogue official lookbook is up; click here to view it. Exclamation points!!!

While Bre is off in Mexico and before she launches the full spring line, I thought I would share a few more images from Friday. I ended up with about 400, so yeah, there are quite a lot. I still can’t get over how beautiful Monika is and how beautiful her makeup was (blush to the max, always and forever). It's funny: the vibe of Bre’s work is generally so beachy and “bohemian,” but this shoot turned out so pretty & springlike. I, of course, adore that.

For this shoot—I say that as though I have shoots all the time—I used a mix of Fujipro 400H and 160S as well as Kodak Portra 160. The 160 shots are a bit peachier and milkier.

(The clutches in this pile are just calling my name.)