It took me a while to get into Instagram. I resisted because the fact of it is that my daily life is not always so beautiful! But I  thought I would share some of my favourites from my account here (user name: fieldguided), because not everyone has an Instagram account or an iPhone and friends of mine have jokingly told me that they feel left out (I know there are web viewers for Instagram, but that’s just one more item to add to an already long list of websites to check). Sometimes I cross-post to Twitter, sometimes I don’t, and apologies if these are all old news to you.

No makeup, satin housecoat, Something Else moonstone sunglasses from Summerland; we went to see Moonrise Kingdom recently and when we exited the theatre at 9.30PM the sky looked like this; a cool intersection we found while going for a coffee at Belljar (hi, Odette!); a locket from BHLDN, complete with a picture of the cats (this will most likely be attached to my wedding bouquet, because I am nuts); a photograph by Rodrigo Daguerre from the exhibition Youth; sandals that I splurged on to get married in (I’ll keep my white oxfords for dancing).

Hazards of throwing your clothes on the bed; the former Catholic schoolgirl in me loves a good church; trims; a party for Etsy Canada; Oreo in a party hat for our friend Annie’s birthday (sorry, Oreo—this lasted about four seconds); Heather sent me the newest OLO scent, Tulare, which smells of sun-baked oranges and earth.

I had a coupon code for a custom Case-Mate phone case, so I decided to create one using a detail from a painting by Adolphe √Čtienne Piot. I had to cut off her head and much of her dress but I really love her hands; postcards.


fitzroy lookbook

Back in February when Geoff and I shot the lookbook for Scout & Catalogue spring 2012, our friends Angela and Julie from Fitzroy Boutique asked if we would be willing to do a mini lookbook for them later in the year to go along with the professional studio shots they were going to take when they launched their online shop. We shot these pictures on the first Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market a few weeks ago, over a few hours that included all types of late spring weather. I was definitely out of my element (bright colours & mobs of people, although you can’t tell from these pictures), but I think we came out with some really fun photos. The models (super photogenic, beautiful girls) were friends of Fitzroy: Julia, Natalia, and Ally. All styling was by Fitzroy Boutique. Just three girls hanging out with adorable small animals, bikes, and buskers.

The shop is now live, and includes pieces from brands such as Ladakh, One Teaspoon, Show Me Your Mumu, and Whitney Eve.

These were taken with the Canon A-1 and Fuji Portra film (both 160 and 400). 

We encountered this tiny puppy right away and the owners let us borrow him. A good omen!

Left to right: Champagne & Strawberry Waterfall dress, Line and Dot Wasson fringe vest, Ladakh Texas Lily dress, BB Dakota Alice skirt, Greylin Snow White silk blouse.

Left to right: BB Dakota Marigold dress, Ladakh Lightwave dress, Ladakh Ally dress.

Left to right: One Teaspoon Wilde romper, Show Me Your Mumu Baxter blouse and One Teaspoon Demolition leather shorts (on Ally).

Julia (right) is wearing Show Me Your Mumu Tipsy pants.


repository pt. 7: wedding edition

I haven’t been talking about our upcoming wedding too much, and recently I realized that some of our acquaintances don’t know that the wedding is only three months away. There aren’t many events that are so personal, and despite having this blog, Geoff and I are both somewhat shy and introverted. Our wedding will ultimately be fairly traditional, and I have to wait and see how much we will choose to share.

However, since wedding preparation has taken over my brain/free time/income/sleep,  I thought I would share some of the wedding items that I have come across and enjoyed, in that vast ocean of wedding items. They’ll probably give an idea of what I have been collecting: lots of blush and pale peach, grey, white, and gold, and we seem to have stumbled into an inadvertent, subtle sky & stars theme (I can’t say that I’m really one for themes, but it just happened). There probably isn’t much in here that is new to anyone with a Pinterest account, but I am fine with it looking like a wedding from 2012, because that is what it will be! I’m actually excited to make things for it, because I love making things, and I so rarely give myself the opportunity. It gets my mind off of despairing about my relatively tiny budget.

1. I got this locket and I fully intend to put a picture of my cats in it and attach it to my bouquet. What?
2. Giant Dwarf’s Starlette Crown. There is a sale on at Fab at the moment, if you’re interested.
3. I don’t think the men in our small wedding party will wear bowties (I am making what I hope will be the last three neckties I ever make in my life), but these ones by Preston and Olivia are cute. I like the point.
4. I love traditional papel picado. I even asked Bre if she could hunt down a box of it for me during one of her recent trips to Mexico (I also have a little fantasy of having mariachis play at the reception, because how fun would that be?).
5. A beautiful bouquet.

6. A rose briar flower crown made by Alexandra Grecco exclusively for Summerland. I have this one and it is so sweet!
7. I love this dress, but it seems to have made its way into the internet’s collective lace dress inspiration folder, the source lost. (ETA: Thanks, Amy! Dress is by Emannuelle Junqueira.)
8. Pretty paper flowers from Frances and Francis.
9. Printable stationery from Hermia’s Wishes. A really nice idea!

10. I really love these pretty cake flowers from Fleur Lux.
11. Another flower crown made of silk flowers, from Mignonne Handmade. My mother wore a flower crown when she got married in 1975, and I am very fond of them.
12. Pretty flats with a rosy tip. I might get these for my bridesmaid & maid of honour (their dresses will be dark blue), if they like them.
13. Kraft paper, white ink, a nice script. Beautiful! From a fancy wedding on MSW.

Who doesn’t love Confetti System? Instant party.


greens & pinks

I love how intense the greens get after it rains.

Blush-coloured poppies are some of my favourite flowers.

I thought it was finally time to have a peony of my own, so a month ago I bought a Sarah Bernhardt peony that had about five tightly-closed buds on it and planted it in the yard. It has sprouted two large blooms, as well as one that has been snipped and placed on the mantel. It smells incredible. Yesterday while I was at the gym Geoff texted me a photo of Pony sniffing it, which I promptly posted to Instagram. The pictures below were taken as it bloomed. It was very exciting for this non-gardener to see the perfect, ballet pink petals unfurl (admittedly, it has required virtually no care at all).

More green film photos here, in a guest post.