endless bummer & need supply

When we made the Endless Summer tote last year, we had matching artwork that said “Endless Bummer,” but I just wasn’t quite feeling that design with the text. We sat on it for a year and decided to pair the lighthearted text with a classic book font.

Available in two sizes, jumbo and regular (the jumbo is really nice! It’s heavier than our usual canvas). Maybe this tote can help deflect the bummers; I am counting on it, personally.

Also! Need Supply is now carrying our scarves and some prints. It's pretty cool! And it was even cooler to see this image in their email yesterday with our scarf paired with an Ilana Kohn jumpsuit. Together at last!


toronto kinfolk

On Saturday Geoff and I were lucky enough to attend a Kinfolk dinner, hosted by John & Juli at their beautiful Georgian Bay cottage. An idyllic summer’s day, filled with new and old friends and incredible food.

Beautiful botanical prints in the guest cottage.

Eloise & Elodie: baby BFFs.

The sun was setting as we sat down to our main meal.

A little Coriander Girl representation, always lovely.

Salad by Sarah of My New Roots.

Nikole & Michael made the trout, and Thom & Nikaela made this arugula and blueberry salad. Yum. Emily made strawberry ice cream and chocolate cookies but I was too full to have a sandwich. Regrets!

We came home with so many treats including the Mjolk book (below), beeswax salve from Herriott Grace, cutting boards from West Elm, and a charcuterie board from the Domestic Curator. Geoff spent some time yesterday rubbing the salve into every wooden item in the kitchen and our apartment smelled amazing. He does most of the cooking at our house and was so thrilled to have these new tools.

Here we are; Geoff took this group shot with his Polaroid 360—the self timer on it is broken so he and sleeping baby Eloise are the only two not in it.

Just gushingly grateful. Thank you all so much (Julie, Nikole, John & Juli, and Nathan & Katie in spirit, wish you were there).


flower crown workshop

Last night I went to a flower crown workshop at Bicyclette, taught by Jordan de Ruiter. When I got the email about it through the shop mailing list I didn’t hesitate to sign up. Even though there are tutorials for flower crowns online, I always enjoy working with materials I might not necessarily come across on my own, and the group setting is also nice. It was such a fun night of babes making crowns in a beautiful space while drinking sangria from hot pink cups. Everyone chose colours and styles that suited them, and no two crowns were alike. The colours I used were quite muted and dusty and I found myself feeling a little envious of those who just went for it with neon pink, black, and/or turquoise. I tried to build mine up as much as I could because I wanted mine to be super glam and bold, and I made it in a headband style as opposed to on a wire across the forehead that would tie in the back with ribbon. “Born to Die” on my mind.

This morning I realized that it reminded me of this record.

I also made these hair pins. Supercute!

Bicyclette has a post about the workshop here (check out those bright colours!), and if they hold another workshop I definitely recommend it as a great way to spend a summer night. Jordan sells her sweet flower crowns made of mulberry paper at Bicyclette, and through her Etsy shop (she also sells her clothing at Coal Miner’s Daughter, a stockist of our tote bags as well). Jordan may add some crown-making kits to her shop, which is pretty exciting since these materials are not easy to find in Toronto (ETA: the shop is up!). The paper flowers are so lovely, and really durable.

Here are some pictures from the evening taken with my phone. I love Emily’s floral Docs.


summer sale

Geoff took this picture of me & our friend Joe with his Mamiya C220 at the Martin House when we visited Buffalo. It was so tranquil back there, so we were pretty relaxed. The reflections are coming off the Greatbatch Pavilion, and I am wearing the coral Quaker Marine long-billed cap I bought earlier that day at O’Connell’s (I’m really into caps these days; partially Joe’s influence, I think, partially the tomboy in me).

Anyhow! This is just a quick post to mention our summer sale. We’re shipping our Light as a Feather scarves to a favourite online shop, and in the meantime we thought we would clear out our remaining stock. We hope to have them back again in the fall, along with some new designs, but for now, all scarves are 25% off. Thank you!


a mini trip

Last Thursday we took the day off work and took a trip down to Buffalo, NY. I personally really like Buffalo and always enjoy visiting; it’s a city with a fascinating history and it’s full of beautiful buildings. Sadly, this time we didn’t have time to visit the Albright-Knox, but since all it takes to get there and back is a free day and a half a tank of gas, I hope we’ll be back later this summer. We didn’t have a real reason for visiting (other than a general love of America, eagles, and stars and stripes, for real), but our friend Joe wanted to stop by O’Connell’s, a pretty incredible menswear shop that he had ordered from before but had never visited. This is our version of tourism, I guess. If you follow me on Instagram, some of this will be familiar, since I decided to be reckless with my data roaming and posted a few pictures there. 

We got caught snapping pictures of Joe in front of the building and it was pretty embarrassing, but also hilarious. It was a deadstock Woolrich jacket pilgrimage, possibly the world’s first.

Ice cream at Parkside Candies on Main Street. This building was so beautiful on the inside and we decided that it would be a nice place to have a wedding.

Buffalo has some cool buildings so we took a brief architecture tour.

The Guaranty building, designed by Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler.

Joe proclaimed that this text is “perfectly kerned” (for signage).

There are a few Frank Lloyd Wright-designed homes in Buffalo, including the Martin House Complex. It was closed but we wandered freely (tresspassed?) around the grounds. The light was so perfect at that hour.

These were some of the sweetest-smelling roses I have ever stuck my nose in. I spent a few moments wishing there were a way to bottle the scent and send it to Heather.

Thanks, pamphlet (these were taken with the Olympus Stylus Epic which sometimes focuses on the wrong thing, oops).