heidelberg on film

As I mentioned in my last post, Geoff was recently in Heidelberg, Germany for some work-related meetings at the university. It is clearly such a beautiful town, and I hope that I will be lucky enough to see it for myself one day. He brought me back a mug that is my favourite coffee mug now, with the university’s medieval emblem on it.

He took these shots with the Olympus Stylus Epic, which has become my favourite camera for quick snaps that don’t look like quick snaps, at least not to me. The LC-A+ that I once used so often, which produced similar photos, has been collecting dust for months... 

Look closely! Meow.

Lunch at a vegetarian restaurant called Red. The bag in the background contains a package of coffee we have been enjoying over the past couple of weeks.

There are many more pictures on his Flickr. Also, a private shout out to A & G (and baby G too)! You guys are awesome.


green zine dream

On Sunday Geoff & I decided to procrastinate cleaning our apartment and instead went for a nice walk, park (Dufferin Grove) to park (Queen’s) and back, stopping at Zine Dream 5 along the way, at a photo booth in the new Brooks Brothers store, and at La Carnita for dinner. July was dry, but it’s rained so much lately that everything has gone green again.

Geoff was in Germany last week for work and took some beautiful pictures with the Olympus Stylus Epic (I will show you—I love that camera, and his pictures are so dreamy). We finished off the last roll on this walk, like a couple of suckers who still use film.

The above is one of my favourite neighbourhood gardens.

We stopped to loiter at Wong’s Garden Centre. I like how Geoff is in focus in the cooler’s glass.

Just checking my phone as usual, hiding behind my hair, posing with my cool double-sided pretzel tote by Caitlyn and Sandi, which I picked up during the Zine Dream pit stop (I put the Wild Nothing one inside). I posted a similar picture on Instagram and got a lot of comments on my jacket: it’s a jean jacket from the thrift store that I bleached until it nearly turned white a few years ago, and I recently was inspired by Bre’s DIY on Of a Kind to dye it. I used a grey dye and it turned out this colour. 

More Zine Dream treats: a print from Good Plant, a zine by Eau Claire, other side of the pretzel tote.

Cat spotting tally on this walk: 2, although I saw 2 others while out on a run earlier in the day.


summerland's white magic, dark heart

The latest Summerland lookbook is, hands down, one of my favourites of all time. Lover lace, Eskell, Alexandra Grecco, fishtail braids—it is all so good. It was shot in the Columbia Gorge, which is obviously a pretty cool place.

I just finished re-watching the entire (!) run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer so I am really feeling this shoot’s spooky vibes.

Photographs by Jon Duenas / Modeled by Jessica Smith of Muse / Styling by Megan Hart
Makeup by Nica Demaria / Assistant Anja Verdugo


candy glasses

If you’re anything like me (impulsive & maybe slightly reckless), you probably have quite a few pairs of inexpensive sunglasses lying around. I decided to take a couple of pairs over the top with flower charms that look like candy. It was really easy and quick and therefore totally satisfying and fun! And look ma, no cavities.

Main influences: Anja’s “Like Candy” shoot, A-Morir super fancy & dreamy Cass and Philips sunglasses, and the Dolce & Gabbana floral sunglasses that influenced this Honestly WTF tutorial (which I found after I had completed one of my pairs, knowing there had to be at least one DIY or tutorial out there — good news, since their tutorial is much better than mine could ever be!). Also, Jordan posted a picture of her making floral sunglasses on Instagram and it reminded me that I had wanted to dress up some sunglasses myself (psst, did you sign up for her flower crown workshop? It’s on again & I totally recommend it if you like flowers, sangria, and babes).

I used these sunglasses that I got at Topshop last year that I loved at the time but that I haven’t been wearing very much. I also decorated a pair of Super knockoffs from ASOS.

I got my flowers from this Etsy shop. I chose mostly 11mm and 12mm matte roses, in my usual pale blue, pink, and white palette, with a little violet as well (purple keeps creeping into my life in subtle ways). I love the ceramic ones in the Honestly WTF tutorial and wish I had found them earlier, and there are also some cute clay ones around Etsy supply shops; the clay flowers seem to be advertised as charms to glue on your blinged-out phone cases. Kawaii!

I used a glue gun because I am lazy and the glue dries pretty quickly. These don’t need a ton of glue to stay put.

So easy. I only burned myself once.

Maybe a little bit kooky, but if I had a pool, you bet I would spend my poolside days wearing these guys. Enjoy my bad hair day, everybody!


our wedding invitations

Geoff and I decided that invitations would be one part of wedding planning that we would really care about, so I thought I would share our invitations here. We also decided that we would have a fairly traditional invitation with a response card that would be sent in the mail, since that is what the majority of our guests would expect and understand. There was a lot of work involved, some tears, and even Twitter hissy fits (not my proudest moments), but in the end, I am happy with them.

Now pardon me as I get a bit long-winded about the process. 

We knew from the beginning that we would design them ourselves, partially to save money, and partially because of the challenge it presented. I always love a challenge. My main inspiration was this piece in Acne Paper, which featured a classic serif (some form of Didot or Bodoni) and a gorgeous script font. I spent a long time trying to find the perfect script, and settled on Valliciergo. I wanted something that referenced Spanish calligraphy, and I loved all the extra swashes and glyphs (plus it wasn’t crazy expensive). Caslon, Bauer Bodoni, Scala Sans for the map, and, of course, an italic Didot used sparingly rounded out the font choices. I did most of the work in InDesign, but Geoff was at my side helping me narrow down my decisions. Teamwork. A hundred drafts, a thousand revisions.

I knew we were going to use an image for the background, and I spent months going through rolls of film trying to take the perfect shot of rose petals, peonies, etc. Nothing felt quite right. A while ago while walking home and cutting through the courtyard at Bloor and Dovercourt, I took a picture of the clouds and the sky with my phone, and I thought, “This is the one.” We ended up using a detail from that shot, which we barely had to edit. It had pinks and creams and blues in it, although it ended up printing far more lilac than blue. The other colours we used were grey and shades of pink. Why deviate from that “dreamy” aesthetic I love so much? Funny how I had tried so hard to force something else and ended up using a quick shot that I took with my phone. There is probably a metaphor in there somewhere.

Since we were going this route, we decided to splash out a bit and have three separate cards: the invitation, the RSVP card, and a reception card with a map on the back. Geoff designed the map in Illustrator, and we had circular stickers printed. We didn’t bother with luxe envelopes or envelope liners, although I did spend hours printing out addresses using fonts that matched the invitations / wrestling with my inkjet printer. We had the printing done by Jukebox, and while there were some hiccups along the way, their offset printing is excellent, and it works well on uncoated paper.

If you’re wondering about cost, it’s hard to say if we spent an excessive amount of money, or a reasonable amount. We didn’t use an Evite (free), and we didn’t order a fully custom, multiple ink, letterpress suite (thousands). What we spent was possibly comparable to the cost of invitation services such as Minted and Wedding Paper Divas (our backup plan). 

I spent most of a day tying ribbons (ribbons: so much cheaper than pocketfolds) and feeling grateful that stamps come in sticker form these days. Then they were off, only a couple of weeks late.

(I blurred out some details because I would have felt weird otherwise, and if you’re wondering about my middle name, it’s my mother’s maiden name. Geoff’s middle name is also a family name.)

We plan to use kraft paper for some of the other stationery, such as programs and menus. One of the best parts of creating the design ourselves is that we can carry out the elements this way. It really appeals to that tiny but occasionally quite active perfectionist part of my brain. I stamped the design onto this favour box with a Gocco.

A couple of asides: I hadn’t intended to bother with a ring pillow but I saw this one and got swept up and had to copy it. I got the ribbons at Mokuba, and it was really easy to sew. Our rings are the simplest, smallest hammered bands imaginable, from In God We Trust. We love them and keep trying them on.

I had tried to photograph the invitations on top of this piece of linen and Pony got in on the action.