Here is how I have been spending some of my spare time over these past gloomy, grey days.

I think I’m done with wedding posts (sorry/you’re welcome?), but Etsy did post a few more wedding pictures on the Etsy Wedding blog, so check that out!

I posted the picture above to Instagram about a week after our wedding. Leftover flower vessels, a lovely flower crown that I didn’t use, a pretty glittered banner which was a gift from a good friend, and a lovely glass cake stand that belongs to Nikole. A vintage swivel frame I found on Etsy, painted with chalkboard paint, and adorned with a decal from Shanna Murray (it had a little welcome message on it). I have since put parts of my bouquet in that shadow box.

My latest Frankie DIY features holiday/winter-themed cards made using masking fluid and watercolour paint. Listen, I didn’t go to art school and I can’t draw. Masking fluid is pretty cool, though.

I’ve been guest blogging for the fine folks over at Brika, reinterpreting DIY projects I’ve seen elsewhere and making them my own. Sometimes I’ll have to figure out how to make something on my own, sometimes I’ll have instructions, sometimes I’ll have to MacGyver the project together with things I have lying around.

So far I’ve made a couple of super simple ones: a pom pom wreath and a star garland. I’ll be sharing new ones weekly, so check back. My apartment is permanently a craft supply disaster area.

I made a wishlist over at the Robber blog. My pals at Robber are the best, so I sucked up the bah humbuggy feelings that always assail me in December and window shopped at the store. I love our local small business owners.


  1. Anonymous11.12.12

    You are seriously stunning. You can't take a bad picture and your wedding photos made me tear up.

    So damn beautiful :)

  2. Pretty everything overload! I will have so many dreams of that Samantha Pleet cloak. **SWOON**

  3. i love this all. flower crowns for all!

    i'm feeling out of the christmasy spirit so far. i need to get going!

    love love loved the wedding. neverstoppostingitman

  4. Everything is so prettttyyy. I think your DIY's are quite stunning, especially the pom pom wreath. Eyegasms.

  5. Hello! I loved this post! Your blog is gorgeous! If you wouldn't mind, I would love it if you could visit my blog and maybe we could follow each other! Love, Sophia

  6. I love the card! This is so super cute!! Well done!


  7. So many pretty things! Thank you for sharing

    x missdottidee.blogspot.com

  8. Love your decorations, simple and gorgeous! Really clever and inspirational, so much so I am going to have a go too! Have a great Christmas, Fleur. x

  9. I love that "Love is Sweet" banner! And I love all these beautiful crafts you are making these days! I feel crafty too, too bad I didn't get on it in time before Christmas comes! No handmade gifts from me this year :(

  10. Love, love the banner1
    The DIY projects are so rad too...
    Everything looks perfect!
    I wish you a great 2013 :)