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On Sunday night Geoff pulled up a video, and told me to watch it, that I would love it. I watched it without looking away once (such is the sad state of my attention span that this is unusual), rapt, and was thrilled / surprised-but-not-actually-surprised when I saw the final credit: A film by Derrick Belcham. It just happens that Derrick is someone I have known since 2006 when I met him while sitting in some grass at Alexandra Park. I was impressed by both his height and his knowledge of sports trivia. In the meantime, he moved to Vancouver, then back to Toronto, and now lives in New York, and has developed an increasingly impressive body of work collected at A Story Told Well. This Tasseomancy video is a particular favourite; I posted a video he made for Fortnight Lingerie after I visited the Fortnight studio last year.

And so. This video. For Marissa Nadler’s “Wedding.” The light, the mirrors, the hair, the dancing, the dreamy music: a few simple (or simple-seeming, because I can’t make my body do that), natural elements to create something so poetic.

Somehow I missed this earlier this month because I forget to look at Facebook and my Twitter feed is cluttered or I would have been all over it two weeks ago!

Derrick took inspiration from Francesca Woodman for this; as an aside, I recommend this post on Francesca Woodman written by Hila (and the documentary as well, which Geoff & I watched a few months ago after reading Hila’s post, and which lead to a good discussion at our house).

Also: an interview with Derrick on some of his earlier work on Friends with Both Arms.

Marissa Nadler, “Wedding”
Directed by Derrick Belcham
Dance by Emily Terndrup
Edited by Derrick Belcham and Emily Terndrup


  1. The "Wedding" music video was mesmerising... it's like the dancer's movements are so completely natural and un-natural at the same time.

    Keen to check out the rest of the videos as well :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the video! Love the song! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. this is amazing. I've seen the fortnight video you posted before, his work is impressive! I'll be look at his work all day today!

  4. This is utterly beautiful. It calls to mind a little of Pina Bausch's choreography (having recently watched that documentary about her, I adore it). I love the small, but intense movements. And the dreamy colour palate...and oh, I hear you about the short attention span! Mine is shameful!

  5. oh my - such a breathtaking combination. I see she is with Gallim Dance, which the choreography reflects. Their movements are seemingly unnatural, almost grotesque at times, but staggeringly beautiful.

  6. what a beautiful video!

  7. This reminds me of Sigur Rós' new video, definitely also worth the watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfJVAoTE2PI . Enjoy!

  8. This lyrical piece is just so beautiful!! I love the interaction with the mirror!!!
    xo TJ

  9. thanks for this post. the photos ae amazing!! love your blog <3

  10. Thanks Anabela :) I also thought that documentary was fascinating, I couldn't stop talking about it for days.