the cold show

A few months ago I was invited to participate in The Cold Show, a show that “explores the feeling (both physical and emotional) of being cold. The feeling of your lungs sticking together when you breathe, the sound of snow crunching on dirt roads, a quiet, desolate nighttime space.” Typically, I waited until the last minute to get my act together, but this was the reason for our trip to the island: there is something about cold that is otherworldly, isolating, and lonely. City cold is never quite like that, and I needed the conditions to be just right. I submitted a photo that I thought looked as though it could have been taken on another planet.

The show is going to be held in an unheated space; information about the opening is here. The Cold Show is organized by Jenn Kitagawa and Chelsee Ivan.


  1. ah! that's awesome! i can't wait to see your shot...otherworldly, you say? :) what a great idea for the show, too...

    sort-of-relatedly, have you read adam gopnik's book called "winter: five windows on the season"? someone posted a link to a video of him discussing winter, and how it tends to distill our emotions and creative energies to the most intense degree, and i've been mildly obsessing over that idea ever since. anyway. if you've got some space on your reading list, i'd check it out! :)

    1. Thank you!

      I actually haven't read that book. I called a bit of an Adam Gopnik moratorium after reading a couple of his books and then hearing his voice on the radio a million times afterwards (just kidding). I'll check it out!

    2. ha! i feel like i can't get enough of his voice lately - want to send me some radio links? (he's probably got the man-voice of my dreams...)

    3. He's done Massey Lectures for the CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/ideas/episodes/massey-lectures/2011/11/07/the-2011-cbc-massey-lectures-winter/