the weekend

I dusted off my film camera to take some pictures over the weekend, except that it took so long for me to finish the roll that I ended up having two weekends’ worth of photos. I know that I’ve posted similar photos to Instagram already, so if you happen to follow me there, sorry! So, a little peek into my life. Or, rather, my life during daylight hours.

Skates are hung up for the season. RIP!

We finished up a huge batch of totes for Summerland. I got to use my lips purse (from Aldo) for the first time (I had originally purchased it in hot pink but this is a little more appropriate for me).

Ugh, winter. I’ve been getting a lot of use out of this.

Testing out my Thief & Bandit pillows on Erin’s sofa since hers is much nicer than mine and I had picked up the inserts for them while on my way to her place.

Erin’s apartment is so nice. Katie gave her that bowl.

I cut out this fabric to make a light jacket back in December, cut the linings last weekend, and have yet to start sewing it, mostly because I’m afraid it’s going to look like a lab coat. Shades of this Alyson Provax print I have hanging in my apartment.

I spent a Sunday working at Robber and when I had a few quiet moments I tried on clothes, including these sweatshirts from BASE Range out of Copenhagen. Who knew I would ever call a sweatshirt pretty?

I am no Phoebe Philo but when I saw these Liberty X Nike sneakers, I really wanted them! Last year I vowed that if I went to the gym regularly I would treat myself to a pair of Nike Frees, and even though I did go regularly I never bought the shoes. I just kept admiring other people’s brightly-coloured Frees. I’m pretty glad I waited until I found the perfect pair for me. Love the watercolour floral and the peach accents.

At the library. This branch (Gladstone) is such a funny mix of old & new.

Flowers from Sweet Woodruff, a thoughtful gift from Geoff.

Visiting Katie in her new apartment.

Treats from Nadège. So good.


spring equinox

We’ve all been waiting for it and it’s finally here. What a relief.

I’ve been really into daisies lately, but only in white and pink, never yellow (sorry, Lorelai Gilmore).


in my bag pt. 2: clutch version

New year, new “in my bag” post, only this time with 90% less shoulder injury than the last. Still overstuffed, but that’s just what I do.

I just keep on collecting clutches! I love them, especially for carrying with capes and cloak-type outwear, when you can’t do a shoulder strap as easily. This is the Libro Grande clutch in Constellation from perennial clutch favourite, Scout & Catalogue. Thanks, Bre! Look at that excellent deep blue. This one is quite large and as one can see, fits quite a lot.

I always have to have a book in my bag, and I’m currently picking through Madrid Tales, selected and translated by Margaret Jull Costa and edited by Helen Constantine. It’s the next best thing to visiting Madrid (that’s a monstrous lie). Also always in my bag: Jetoy 2013 cat planner, and this little Korean diary that I have been trying really hard to scribble in every day (Anthropologie had them, but I found mine on eBay). Lots of Muji pens, always. I’ve gotten really into the ballpoints lately? Felt tips have fallen way out of favour.

These are just boring ol’ keys but I wanted to point out my super cute cat keychain from Fangirl (Enthusiasm & Goods!), pizza slice Baggu that I keep my subway tokens in (okay, they actually call it “wedge purse” but “pizza slice” is way better), and naturally-shed painted antler keychain from byNORTH. I guess I like my keys to take up a whole lot of space in my bag.

Little things! Jessica Jensen round pouch to hold my ear buds; cheap plastic card case from H&M to keep ID and debit card and maybe cash if I have it (rare), because my wallet won’t fit in my bag after shoving in this giant floral sunglasses case, which contains my oh-so-beloved Something Else Moonstone sunglasses; Laura Mercier pressed powder that I bought for my wedding and that does an adequate job when I remember to use it; phone (essentch! No room for a camera, so I just use my phone as most of us do these days); rose lip salve that Becka very kindly sent me from New Zealand; Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in L'exubérante, my fave; violet candies; gold hair pins from COS because I’m growing out my bangs and it’s a nightmare and why did I ever cut them in the first place?

This foil stamp: next level! So good!


period piece

On Friday night I went to the opening of an exhibition entitled “Period Piece: The Gynolandscape,” curated by Sonja Ahlers and Petra Collins, held at the OCADU Student Gallery. The artists included are Hanna Antonsson, Sonja Ahlers, Arvida Bystrom, Shary Boyle, Petra Collins, Rebecca Fin Simonetti, Minna Gilligan, Sandy Kim, Kristie Muller and Allyson Mitchell. The idea behind the show is: “[to celebrate] female sexuality and the power of women’s bodies. Period Piece questions the current ideology of femininity and recasts women in positive/dominant roles. The works in this show are produced by international female artists whose practices demonstrate their struggle with female identity and sexuality.” If you're in Toronto, the show is up until April 6.

The opening was packed full of so many beautiful young art students having the best time, and there was even an amazing cake by Corey Moranis. The following day Geoff went to look at the show and took these photos since I couldn’t make it that day.

I love when Sonja gets to create site-specific installations.

Work by Sonja, Kristie Muller, Hanna Antonsson, Petra Collins

Allyson Mitchell, Arvida Bystrom, Hanna Antonsson, Kristie Muller, etc.

It’s a marbled copy of Hounds of Love! Buried like the treasure it is.


dear canada

As you may have heard, Zara now offers Canadians the ability to shop online. They sent me a gift card and an invitation to shop a few days before the official launch date, which was yesterday, and I picked out a few pieces in anticipation of our trip to New York at the end of the month (the floral jacket below, some trousers, and a blouse; comfort above all!). I haven’t been able to buy new clothes in a while so it was a pretty fun mini shopping spree. It was hard to narrow down my selections, though! Here are a few things from their site that I really like.

Clockwise from top left: dress / dress / jumpsuit / heels / belt / blouse

Clockwise from top left: loafers / bag / shirt / blouse

Clockwise from top left: printed jacket / heels / clutch