new york, pt. 3: the floral district and ps1

This post contains pictures that I find disappointing, because they capture only the tiniest fraction of the beauty we saw that day as we visited the flower markets and MoMA PS1 (with a pizza lunch in between, and a walk through Soho & Chinatown after). I share them here, though, because both of these places are excellent ones to visit.

We got a map from the hotel upon check in and while looking at it in our room, I noticed something that said FLORAL DISTRICT. I pointed and gasped, “What’s that!” I knew florists got their flowers somewhere, obviously, I had just never really thought about it. I had always pictured a huge warehouse, closed to the public, something like the food terminal where grocers and chefs get their produce in the night (eg. act one of this episode of TAL), but florists are one step removed from that process. When we were having coffee with Amy I asked her about it. This Floral District is made up of a number of shops that sell wholesale but that are open to the public. Amy advised us to go to Stumptown at the nearby Ace, get a coffee, and wander around the flower shops, but to get there before 10. Geoff & I are utterly hopeless in the morning, and compounded with hotel mishaps on that sunny Friday (a pipe burst above the elevator, leading to no water and no elevator service to our 38th floor room, and to Geoff helping another guest with her heavy suitcase all the way down all those stairs...), we got there just before 10. We took the 1 to 28th Street and wove our way in and out of the shops with flowers piled up on metal shelving and bursting out of buckets. Cut flowers, potted plants, blossoming branches. I wished I could take all the flowers home with me! I didn’t want to be intrusive and take too many pictures while people were going about their business of unloading and loading flowers, making deals, and wrapping bundles in kraft paper. But that hour surrounded by flowers was a highlight of the trip. We even made a couple of cat friends! Recommended.

Instagram photos here, here, and here.

After lunch we took the G train to Queens (it was pretty quick!) and visited MoMA PS1. We caught CONFETTISYSTEM’s 100 Arrangements on one of its last days, which was lucky. I was also pleased to see that they have a long-term James Turrell exhibition at PS1 (the Turrell piece at the Albright-Knox in Buffalo is one of my favourite things ever). If we make it back, I would like to eat at the M. Wells Dinette. It looked seriously top-notch, especially if you love meat, but we were still full of pizza and got coffee to go.

I have to admit that I think my pictures of 100 Arrangements stink (!!) but that's what you get with no natural lighting and ISO 160 film. Similar views posted to Instagram here and here. Gimme those peaches.


  1. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
    I've never been to America before, but New York has always been an interest for me.
    Thankyou for taking us along your journey around the City as I now want to go even more! :)

  2. The Floral District? How did I miss this! It sounds like something out of The Nutcracker. You know, we will now see a dance of glad tidings by the Maidens of the Floral District, in Act II where it's just dance after dance after dance. Beautiful photos!

  3. Beautiful!


  4. Love the flowers in film.

  5. Your NY posts make me miss it so much! There is nothing better than New York in the Spring :)

    xoxo | Lauren from Adored Vintage

  6. aw, geoff! 38 floors?!

    SO happy you got to see the confetti system installation. i'm going to be grumpy about missing it for at least 6 more months.

  7. Always wanted to go to New York! Flower district goes on my list of things to do.


  8. omg! too beautiful. dying of all the glorious flowers you've posted right now.

  9. How nice to see this area when it's up and running! I worked around the flower district but by the time I went on break in the late afternoon, the stores were bare or closed. It's been wonderful seeing my city through a different point of view. I hope you got to see the most ridiculously ornate thing at the Met - tucked in the American Wing behind the Frank Lloyd Wright house is a desk made for Vanderbilt inlaid with mother-of-pearl stars representing the night he was born. http://www.metmuseum.org/collections/search-the-collections/10004907?img=0

  10. Anonymous8.4.13

    You have amazing photos on your blog.
    I'm a new follower!



  11. So absolutely gorgeous!!! I was drooling over the photos on Instagram :D

    xoxo | Rodellee from Adored Vintage

  12. :) always love to find kitties in the street or at shops,bursts my mood!

  13. god i would just die to go to the floral district in NY. super jel!

  14. oh man, we're going to New York in July, we will HAVE to check out the floral district!! Bummed the Confetti System exhibit will no longer be up though, it looks incredible!!