bike talk

I’ve been riding my bike nearly every day since early April, and it’s been so wonderful. Here is my bike posing next to a pretty rose bush. Love you, Road Kitten!

When I first got this bike, Geoff put a crate on it, and I had a few emails requesting instructions. That particular bike box was a rushed job, and the crate banged around and eventually disintegrated (taking a pair of my trousers with it, with a nice tear along the grain at the seat). Geoff recently put a new one on, and I have included a link to the DIY as well as some helpful photos below. I was given two identical wine crates last year, and they’re probably from the liquor store. If you would like one, you can try antique shops, and Eleanor’s has some as well.

Speaking of Eleanor’s, a cute biking accessories shop based in NY, they recently sent me a Robin Hoods headscarf (in blush, of course!) that I have been really enjoying on bad hair days. I love wearing things on my head, and this piece is lovely since I have nothing else like it. It fits under my helmet, and I actually wish I had been wearing it today. It’s so humid out that my helmet turned the top of my head into a flat mess and it would be handy to cover that up. So yes! Recommended!

Oh and yes I am wearing my same old blush maxi skirt (help I hate all of my clothes) but it works for bike riding; I usually tie a knot in the skirt at either side and it doesn’t get caught in the chain.

And onto the crate DIY! Geoff found the instructions for this project on the MAKE website, so follow along there for step-by-step directions. I probably could have done this myself, but Geoff enjoys these kinds of projects way more than I do.

I'm not sure exactly how many coats of tung oil he applied, but it was quite a few. Maybe six? He worked outside, of course. Once that was done, the remainder of the steps took less than half an hour.

When he worked on this project last year he never used these mending plates. They make a big difference.

Done! Let’s go for a spin.


BFFs: robber s/s 2013 lookbook

Today I am so happy to share a lookbook that my dear friends at Robber worked so hard to put together! It was shot by the exceptionally lovely & talented Arden Wray (of Boots & Pine) in various spots throughout the city (well, mostly west end & a little Etobicoke too).

The lookbook’s theme is best friends, which is so adorable that I can barely stand it. These are real-life best friends here, all cool cuties. The cover image is of the Rachel Antonoff sweatshirt that Robber carried for about fifteen seconds before it sold out. But most of these clothes are available at the store now.

(If you’re wondering why I’m not in it, as a friend of Robber and pretty clothes enthusiast, it’s because my best bud lives in Brooklyn, boo hoo.)

See the full lookbook here!

Karen & Vanessa
Karen: Rittenhouse tank, Steven Alan shorts
Vanessa: Ace & Jig dress

Jacque & Annie
Jacque: Minimarket dress, Maude & Colette necklace
Annie: Creatures of Comfort tank, Wood Wood skirt, Gabriela Artigas necklace

Sabrina & Caitlyn
Rachel Antonoff dress

Sanam & Amil (sisters!)
Sanam: Samantha Pleet dress, Laura Lombardi necklace
Amil: Creatures of Comfort dress

Danielle & Sandi
Danielle: Steven Alan sweater, Filippa K pants, Cursive Design necklace
Sandi: Dana Lee denim shirt, Steven Alan dress, Cursive Design necklace

Niki & Rei
Niki: Steven Alan dress, Iacoli & McAllister necklace
Rei: Steven Alan dress

Celine: Base Range tee, Steven Alan skirt, Cursive Design necklace
Melinda: Filippa K blouse, Sessun skirt

Erin & Christine
Erin: Sessun dress (and, I might add, the shoes she wore as a bridesmaid in my wedding!)
Christine: Wren dress

Kalpna: Dace top, Ace & Jig pants
Rosalyn: Karen Walker dress

Natasha & Taylor
Natasha: Creatures of Comfort dress
Taylor: Ilana Kohn romper, Erin Templeton backpack

Pratha & Karen
Pratha: Creatures of Comfort top, Rittenhouse pants
Karen: Wood Wood top, Minimarket shorts

Katie & Rachel
Katie: Ilana Kohn dress, Base Range shorts
Rachel: Minimarket dress


edible emojis

A delightful discovery I made the other day and posted to Instagram immediately: handmade emoji cookies for sale at the Drake General Store! They’re by Lindsey Bakes and they are delicious. I went back to get a full set for the greatest emoji enthusiast I know, who lives in New York and therefore not in walking distance to the General Store. I think they are just genius!

(If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while you may recall Lindsey Bakes’ movie director cookies: I ate Sophia and Martin.)

I noticed a few of them sprinkled through my Instagram feed this weekend, making it a little more hilarious and adorable.

nikoleherriott (hi, Eloise!)


hot rollin'

In January, Anna wrote a really great post about curling her hair with a vintage hair setter, and I immediately wanted to try it myself. I thought it would be easy enough to find hot hair rollers in thrift shops, but after a few weeks of looking and finding only units with parts missing, I decided to get one on eBay. I got used to seeing listings with the word “pageant” in them, because these things really can give you tight pageant curls! Eventually I found one that wasn’t too expensive, that seemed pretty clean and that had all the rollers and all the clips in the box (in fact, this one even had the ancient bottles of conditioning mist from the 1970s! I will not be using those, but they are cool as artifacts).

I really like wearing my naturally wavy hair in loose curls, because I think it’s one of the styles that compliments my large, square-shaped face best (although I miss my long bangs and middle part so much! Grow, bangs, grow). I’ve never been able to find a method of curling that works well for me, though, because I am hopeless at hair. I’ve never had much luck with curling it with a round brush, although I love getting my hair curled that way after a trim (that’s how I had my hair styled when Arden took pictures of me for Boots & Pine last summer). I have a curling wand, but not the patience for it, and rag curling appeals to me since it doesn’t use heat, but I don’t like sleeping with all those knots on my head, etc. But this hair setter works well for me. I use Aveda’s Be Curly in my hair while it’s damp to cut down on frizziness, and once my hair is dry, I put in the rollers, always trying to make sure I curl them in the same direction. It’s pretty quick. Perfect!

The right side seems to have lost its curl a bit here, but I think that if I had used hair spray it would have held it. My hair is so dark that curls don’t photograph that well.


persian love cake

I made this beautiful cake over the weekend, and I’ve shared the recipe over on Elle Decoration SA, so check it out! This was a really lovely one to make. I can get into this baking from scratch thing, especially since it results in cake.

My obsession with this cake started here.