BFFs: robber s/s 2013 lookbook

Today I am so happy to share a lookbook that my dear friends at Robber worked so hard to put together! It was shot by the exceptionally lovely & talented Arden Wray (of Boots & Pine) in various spots throughout the city (well, mostly west end & a little Etobicoke too).

The lookbook’s theme is best friends, which is so adorable that I can barely stand it. These are real-life best friends here, all cool cuties. The cover image is of the Rachel Antonoff sweatshirt that Robber carried for about fifteen seconds before it sold out. But most of these clothes are available at the store now.

(If you’re wondering why I’m not in it, as a friend of Robber and pretty clothes enthusiast, it’s because my best bud lives in Brooklyn, boo hoo.)

See the full lookbook here!

Karen & Vanessa
Karen: Rittenhouse tank, Steven Alan shorts
Vanessa: Ace & Jig dress

Jacque & Annie
Jacque: Minimarket dress, Maude & Colette necklace
Annie: Creatures of Comfort tank, Wood Wood skirt, Gabriela Artigas necklace

Sabrina & Caitlyn
Rachel Antonoff dress

Sanam & Amil (sisters!)
Sanam: Samantha Pleet dress, Laura Lombardi necklace
Amil: Creatures of Comfort dress

Danielle & Sandi
Danielle: Steven Alan sweater, Filippa K pants, Cursive Design necklace
Sandi: Dana Lee denim shirt, Steven Alan dress, Cursive Design necklace

Niki & Rei
Niki: Steven Alan dress, Iacoli & McAllister necklace
Rei: Steven Alan dress

Celine: Base Range tee, Steven Alan skirt, Cursive Design necklace
Melinda: Filippa K blouse, Sessun skirt

Erin & Christine
Erin: Sessun dress (and, I might add, the shoes she wore as a bridesmaid in my wedding!)
Christine: Wren dress

Kalpna: Dace top, Ace & Jig pants
Rosalyn: Karen Walker dress

Natasha & Taylor
Natasha: Creatures of Comfort dress
Taylor: Ilana Kohn romper, Erin Templeton backpack

Pratha & Karen
Pratha: Creatures of Comfort top, Rittenhouse pants
Karen: Wood Wood top, Minimarket shorts

Katie & Rachel
Katie: Ilana Kohn dress, Base Range shorts
Rachel: Minimarket dress


  1. Best idea ever, me thinks! :D

  2. AGH SO GREAT! very sweet

  3. These are so so so so gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful! I love how their love for each other compliments the clothing!

    Amanda Rose

  5. just went through it and it is just soooooo lovely and so refreshing, so natural, so easy. i love the celebration of friendship and it's just so beautifully shot. these images have totally made my day, they made me smile a lot. love the clothes and accessories, love seeing the artists/makers/bloggers we like hanging out. it's all just so good!

  6. This makes my heart sing! Related: I adore Jaque's lipstick. And I checked out her work and now I need to figure out how to get my paws on one of her neat-o pretzel rope necklaces without flying to Toronto!

    1. You can contact Robber! They ship worldwide.

  7. oh! Karen (in the photos with Pratha) used to cut my hair when I was a teenager! She was always such a cool babe. So nice to see her face pop up here!

  8. oh this is so adorable!

  9. These photos are great. What part of Canada do you live in? Need some favorite spots for husband's and my trip in a month.

  10. I love love love that photo of Celine + Melinda :)

  11. isn't this so wonderful and beauty full?

  12. such a sweet idea! kalpna and rosalyn are in my neigbhorhood. i love that i now recognize most of these places, it makes me feel a little more at home in this city.

  13. so lovely! the clothes are amazing and the gals simply adorable!

  14. love this. also, thanks for the link to boots & pine. a new discovery for me... added to my daily, local reads. love her work :) happy weekend and happy solstice.

  15. Anonymous23.6.13

    such a lovely idea, it makes for super gorgeous photos! absolutely love these!

  16. as a photographer, i'm always wondering how to bring authenticity into editorial showcasing fashion....this is so great! thanks for sharing.

  17. This is so lovely - so friendly, so relaxed, so believably real (I mean, not believable in the I-can't-believe-it's-not-butter way, but I would have just KNOWN what the concept was even if I hadn't read your intro.)

    Also I want to go shopping now.

  18. I really truly adore this, its adorable, sort of humorous, and shows the power of positive female relationships than the garbage tv throws up. ME GUSTA

  19. I've literally just discovered your blog today and I love it. It's great to see someone take such pride in the great city of Toronto, so I immediately had to add you to my daily reads :) Love the blog!