the grove

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Free People invited me and a few local bloggers to go along with their team of members from head office as well as the Yorkville store to the Grove Music Festival this past Saturday. I took Geoff with me and we had so much fun.

They had set up an area under some crochet-covered trees and we hung out on pretty blankets and pillows.

Hi, Geoff. I pulled a cute photo of us from the Toronto store’s Facebook page and put it on Instagram.

Free People had invited some local acro-yoga practioners for a demonstration. It was pretty impressive! I wish I had that kind of core strength.

My sandals were the Toulouse sandal in coral. Super cute and comfortable, and I love the print.

My hat and dress were also from Free People: this crochet canvas hat, and this open shoulder maxi dress. I loved this dress, but it was a chilly day so I wore this thrifted jean jacket that I once bleached and tie-dyed. My necklace is from wenvrsleep; stay tuned for a giveaway of this necklace’s twin, coming soon!

Geoff took the picture on the right as we were getting ready to take our group photo. When he gave me the camera back he said that the pictures would probably be a little candid. Ha!

Girl Talk had so much energy! All the bands we saw were so good live, especially Hot Chip and Phoenix. I hadn’t been to an outdoor music festival since, oh, 1999? So it was fun to have the chance to try it again. I’m usually not a big fan of music festivals but luckily this one was pretty chill.

Thanks, Free People!


  1. What are you using for a blanket in these photos?

    1. Not sure! They brought them with them. I think they're sheets.

  2. This sounds like a really, really great summer day. Just being outdoors watching live music with friends is perfect.

  3. Anonymous7.8.13

    Looks like such a beautiful day. Loving that crocheted tree - heaps of people have been knitting trees here in Bondi.


  4. Wow, how strange. I lived in Toronto for a few years growing up (I now live in sunny ol' Florida!) and actually went to elementary/middle/high school with one of the girls in the photos! Small world.

  5. Such beautiful photos, love the colors and the light, very poetic and so much charm...gorgeous!

  6. That dress of yours! Also a bit dead at those sandals. Looks like a beauteous day.

  7. These are so lovely. Your hair is amazing!

  8. Looks like a wonderful event! Love your sandals

  9. Anonymous29.8.13

    I love your outfit- especially those beautiful sandals!

    Xo, Hannah