repository pt. 10: a trip to portugal

Next week Geoff and I will be spending a few days in Lisbon before heading to the Algarve in the south of Portugal. I can’t wait to collect seashells and to stick my face in a thick growth of hypercoloured bougainvillea and to eat all the cinnamon-topped pastéis de nata I can handle. Geoff has never been before, and we have plans to visit gardens and to attend a concert at the Museu da Música. But the majority of our time will be spent lounging on the beach and enjoying a final blast of warm weather and endless sunshine. I’ve packed my Lisbon City Moleskine for those first few days (I really love the City Moleskine line—they have great maps), and I’ve handwashed my silk and light cotton blouses in preparation. Ready to go!

(Incidentally! We’ll be putting our Etsy and Big Cartel shops in vacation mode while we’re away, so if there was something you had your eye on, today will be your last chance for a bit.)

A little inspiration: Vanessa Jackman’s photos of the Algarve, The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa, and the epic film Mysteries of Lisbon. Below, a wishlist of sorts.

(Top image: the Palácio de Queluz)
1. I’ve packed this Massimo Dutti silk dress to take with me, and I hope it won’t get too crushed in transit. Something with the word “romantic” in its name seems very appropriate for a romantic city.
2. Forever coveting Scout & Catalogue’s entire, erm, catalogue. The “viaje” clutch seems appropriate as well (“viaje” means “journey” in Spanish).
3. Love this shoulder bag/backpack from Ora, a Vancouver-based maker of leather goods. Pink!
4. Abarcas/avarcas, the shoe of the summer. For good reason: so comfy and perfect for wandering over cobblestoned streets.

(Background image: a picture I took with my Diana Mini)
5. I like to spritz with this rosewater spray when it gets hot. Refreshing!
6. This would be a really nice beach coverup. Love kaftans!
7. Such a pretty bracelet.
8. We picked up the Wallpaper* guide for Lisbon and while we are not the sort who live a Wallpaper* lifestyle, it features such beautiful photography that it made us extra excited for our trip. I wish we could visit all the spas in the guide!
9. A cute beach towel.

(Top image: Costa da Caparica beach as seen from above)
10. I tried to get a tan this summer and it felt weird. I definitely prefer keeping my face out of the sun! This hat is so sweet.
11. A gorgeous straw tote for a towel, sunscreen, sandals, and book.
12. OLO’s Tulare (grass/jasmine/orange/wood) will be my go-to scent for this trip, I think.
13. I was just introduced to this local swimwear line, Waiwah, and I love it all. The rose and sky colours of the Nixie Cut-Out make it my dream swimsuit.
14. More S&C, this time a scarf for chilly nights.


  1. Beautiful things! I fell in love with Lisbon when I visited for the first time in June. The streets were full of fallen purple jacaranda blossoms & air was perfumed with their scent! The art nouveau & art deco shop fronts made me squeal. I loved the Foxtrot Bar, have you been? If not it's on Travessa Santa Teresa & worth the trip, so charming. Loved the Eureka shoe shop on Rua Nova do Almada. Anyway I'm sure you have wonderful plans! Love your blog. x

    1. We wrote down your suggestions but we didn't make it, sadly! We'll just have to go back. We both loved it so much.

  2. Can't wait to hear/see all about it!! Thanks for so much S&C love xoxoxox

  3. Looks like you have everything planned our perfectly. Enjoy.

  4. I love Portugal! My grandma has a condo in Algarve that we frequent often in Quarteira. Lagos is my favorite beach but they're all breathtaking. Have so much fun!!

  5. Have such a magical trip! This post is making me want to relive my recent trip to Mexico. xo

  6. This is a dream (I nearly typed in all caps)

  7. Portugal, how exciting! I've only been to Porto, and it's gorgeous. I also recommend Aveiro if you get the chance, it's the prettiest fisherman's village I've seen!

  8. You will love Lisbon and if you need some tips let me know

  9. So lovely! I just went to both Lisbon and the Algarve in the summer. The touristy cruises in Lagos are totally worth the cloying salespeople--amazing views of the grottos! And, of course, Potato Beach. Enjoy!!

  10. Dear A, I will be going to Portugal (Lisbon and Porto) in November!
    Would love to hear your Lisbon recos... :*


  11. Lisbon is such a cool city!! really one of my favourites that I've ever been to. That large arch, its so dramatic! enjoy an elongated summer Anabela!

  12. Anonymous13.9.13

    I used to live in Lisbon with my family, and we had a summer house in the Algarve! You are going to have such an incredible time :) I can't wait to see the gorgeous photos you take!

    Xo, Hannah


  13. YouShould visit Sintra, the most beautifull place ever, takE the 20min train In Lisboa ( get it In rossio ) and get out In last station, you have a lovELy place to stay called monte da lua reallY by the station, and you can walk to the castel, to the palace* see art, historY & dreaM about Love & misterY

  14. I love this series. Getting major wanderlust...!

  15. Great items and selection :)!


  16. Have fun, darling! As a fellow portuguese girl, I'm always amused and stunned after every trip there. Even though I've set foot on that beautiful country at least 18 times. You can never know everything!

  17. I hope you are having the best time ever! Eat an extra sweet treat for me ;)

  18. I trust you had a great time. South Europe is just gorgeous this time of year.
    Nathaniel | We Resolve Blog