holiday info

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends! This year, because we are so grateful for your support, we thought we would offer a rare promo code for both our shops, both our usual shop and Etsy shop, starting on November 29. Use the code BABYITSCOLD for 20% off your purchase.

Also, here are those pesky shipping dates. If you would like to give one of our totes or prints as a gift, please be sure to have your orders placed by the following dates (please note these are a guideline and we can’t guarantee holiday arrival absolutely; sometimes things get caught in customs, and we can’t do anything about it! But follow these guidelines and you should be safe):

Within Canada: December 16th
United States: December 9th
Australia/All International: December 2nd

Expedited shipping services are available, so contact us for details if you need a last resort.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a calendar this year, either a Dreamcats or any other... Geoff designed a really beautiful one and had a very specific type of printing in mind, but it fell through at the last minute. Hard way to learn about how things go, I guess. Here’s to bigger plans in 2014!

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