a sweet 2014

I took these pictures in the spring, when my obsession with violet flavours and violet candy in particular was in full bloom (har har), shortly before I found violet pastilles by Leone and bulk violet candies from France. I never did anything with the pictures, but they make me think of sweet things, which relates to what I’m about to write.

I haven’t been posting here very much lately (I write this a lot!), mostly because I don’t really know where I’m headed with this space. I’ve decided to keep an open mind about it, as I do with most things, and see where things go. Keep it easy breezy.

I just wanted to wish you all a happy, sweet 2014, and thanks for checking in on me here. I spent a contemplative, introspective 2013 working to become the sort of person who doesn’t drag other people down with negativity, and I want this to continue. When I read this essay by Liz Barker, it hit me so hard that I thought about it all the time and in a way let it be my guide over the months that followed. The funny thing is that the essay is about the album Star by Belly, which I don’t even particularly love! But I found myself leaving the post open in a browser window on my phone so I could read it again, over and over. I felt so uplifted reading it because sometimes I feel bad for liking things that are sweet, or cute, or whatever. But I do, I do. This is the passage that I found so beautiful:

Mary Timony doesn’t put too much sweetness into her songs, and I love that about her, but sweetness is so important to me: I’m hopelessly attracted to it and I like to create sweetness in my life, whether through songs or candy or books or pictures or perfume. For me, sweet can mean the opposite of ugly and nasty and even boring. I think it’s boring to be nasty and ugly-hearted, I think it’s unimaginative to not try to find a way to be sweet. And the older I get the more I value art that is unabashedly romantic and sweethearted in its own twisted way, and Star is so completely that. That’s the kind of art I want to make, the kind of story I want to tell. I like to write about food and sex and dudes and streets and rock music, and I always want to do that in a way that’s sweet and dreamy, so I guess I always will. 

And so: a hope for a year of creating sweetness. Not a bad goal, I think.  


  1. Anonymous6.1.14

    I hope you keep up the blog as I very much enjoy your posts! And your sweetness!

  2. happy 2014! hope you got to see my thank you to you on my blog. i have similar 2014 aspirations to live in the now, to change... i hope your blog will be a space i can still visit often, but that is only ever "easy breezy" to you, most importantly.

  3. Oh, boy! Reading this just made me a little weepy. I love sweet/cute things, too, and sometimes I think people equate that with a lack of depth. I don't know, maybe my interests are simple, but life is so short- why not fill it up with pretty things? I hope you keep this little space on the internet, it's definitely one of my favorite places to visit!

  4. i just stumbled across your blog for the first time today but love this post- and those sweet indeed pics! i think striving to make life sweet is a very admirable goal, good luck to you and hopefully others will follow suit. :)

  5. That is a very nice sentiment, I completely agree! I always enjoy your posts!

  6. These pics are great. I too am feeling the joy of staying positive. It's all about the outlook, baby!

  7. A happy and sweet and light 2014 to you Anabela.

  8. here's to a sweet 2014 (ha!). :)

  9. Sometimes, keeping the negativity at bay is the hardest challenge of all. All the best in 2014!

  10. Anonymous15.1.14

    Dearest Lady Anabela~

    Happy New Year to You & Geoff!
    As a longtime & avid reader of your lovely blog
    I just wanted to thank you for many moments of
    Inspiration. Whatever you decide to do with this space,
    You can rest assured that you made a difference in many lives.
    I'm always interested in your new endeavors, no matter their format,
    Many Blessings for you two to have a beautiful 2014,
    Lady Georgia

  11. Sweetness is a wonderful goal, Anabela!

  12. So, so beautiful!