goodbye, robber

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that for a few years now my favourite store in Toronto is Robber, a carefully collected selection of women’s (although for a time, men’s as well) clothing and accessories. The store opened in 2009, and unfortunately for Toronto, closed its doors for the last time on Valentine’s Day last week. Over the past four years owners Robin and Erin (the Rob- and -Er in Robber) have become dear dear friends, and while I can’t speak for them and for their reasons for changing direction, I know that the brick-and-mortar retail game is a particularly difficult one.

Over the years it brought me a lot of joy to visit Robber, to hang out on their bench and hear some great jokes, to borrow Erin’s white floors upstairs for photos, and to see what new brands they had brought in; sometimes they were the first to bring certain brands not just to Toronto for the first time, but to Canada. So many of my favourite pieces in my closet came from Robber: Dace dresses, a Lover dress, a Samantha Pleet cloak, Filipa K wedges. Geoff and I also had the privilege of working with them on a few special projects, such as window displays and a limited edition denim tote.

There will always be a little hole in the heart of my Queen Street West.

(Incidentally you can still shop the remainder of Robber’s stock on Garmentory!)

Tara-Lynn wrote a goodbye post as well, which was so lovely.