repository pt. 12: spring moods

A few things that have been helping me get springtime on my mind, since the weather isn’t quite doing it!

Hobes: I’ve been enjoying my Wooly Hobes as the snow has started to melt away, but I think a pair with this sweet watercolour print would be just the thing for the new season.

Sea salt detox bath: Nothing is better than a delicately-scented bath, and while my attempts at making my own bath salts were not so successful, I might try this “recipe” (with a few drops of lavender, patchouli, and geranium, I think!).

Wellies from Joules: Unfortunately, my rubber boots are cracked and I won’t be able to use them once the spring rain comes, but I recently upgraded to this pair from Joules (thanks, Joules). Sold out online, but they do have a large collection to choose from. Not surprisingly, I was thinking of getting a few different colours of grosgrain (i.e. pink) to change it up from time to time.

Timberlost: maker of beautiful watercolour notecards, including this pretty spring wreath.

A lesson in lucid dreaming:  Not particularly spring-y, just something I enjoyed reading.

Let it be Beautiful: Again, not particularly spring-y, except they have newness in common with spring, I guess? New zines from Laura Jane and Liz. Very exciting! (I wrote about the first set of zines here).

Baked blueberry oatmeal: I’ve been following theghostonmyback on Instagram for a while, and I was happy to learn that she had started a blog to collect her recipes. I made this oatmeal twice this weekend and it was perfect. So delicious!


  1. lovely photos
    thanks for sharing

  2. ALL the shoes/boots you posted are perfectly adorable and super unique. Thanks for sharing (esp that blueberry oatmeal recipe!).

  3. I adore this. It really captures the mood I am in right now with spring beginning :) Really beautiful! Thankyou xxx

  4. I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! http://finestprocrastination.blogspot.co.uk/