shop local: bicyclette, toujours x fidele

A few things to share with you, Toronto! First up, Bicyclette continues to do adorable work, like this flower-infused spring lookbook (shot by Jason Matos at the Blush & Bloom studio). Of course anyone can shop their collections online, but there is just something so nice about shopping in person.

I also wanted to sheepishly point you to this blog post they wrote, which includes an interview with me as a Girl Crush (aw, blush blush). I wrote my replies when I was having a bad week so I hope they’re not too bleak!

I also wanted to mention the Toujours x Fidèle popup that opens this Friday at Dundas and Ossington. T x F is a brand that focuses on transforming deadstock materials into a limited run of clothing and art objects. You may have seen some of their pink flamingos around town in anticipation of the event, which promises to have a spring-y vibe with pink lemonade and flowers. Below are some images from their lookbook, as well as stills from a video they made entitled “Suburban Daydream.”

Models: Bea Santos, Rachel Wallace and Sel Ghebrehiwot / Makeup: Chelsea Collinson / Photography: May Truong / Styled & directed by Amy Jenine Wong.

It’s pretty clear to me based on these images that we are all so tired of winter and longing for spring. Any day now, spring, show yourself!


  1. Anonymous12.3.14

    Thank you for linking your interview-- I loved the honesty! Also, I didn't know about the numinous blog and I just spent an hour reading everything over there-- into it!! Please never stop blogging.

  2. Great photos, the girls are all really pretty :]

    NK | www.esttrill.co.uk