a few fab finds

I was recently invited to create a page of my personal picks on Fab, and it was pretty difficult to narrow down my selections! At the same time, it was pretty fun to do a little window shopping. You can check out my page here, and below are some of my faves.

one: As a Capricorn, Saturn is my ruling planet, so these earrings by Stefanie Sheehan really speak to me, even if Saturn is a harsh master.

two: A pretty wrap bracelet in some colours that I love.

three: Could it be? Is bike riding season finally back? This helmet by Sawako Furuno is probably the prettiest helmet I have ever seen

four: I think moon imagery is really having a moment and I couldn’t be happier about this. Ring by Stefanie Sheehan.

five: Herbivore Botanicals Nourish Facial Oil. I ditched moisturizer in favour of facial oils last fall, and I think it helped my skin come through winter unscathed. Now that my skin is no longer dry all the time, I have a nice glow! I dig it.

six: I seem to run out of battery on my phone about halfway through my day without fail, since I listen to music and podcasts and absently scroll Instagram way too often... I could really use this Boostcase.

seven: I have this exact brk bottle and it is THE BEST. As long as I keep it clean there isn’t anything nasty to worry about such as BPAs, and it will last forever. Last year I kicked mine hard off a spinning bike and it totally did not break. Hydration! It’s great!


  1. I love those wrap bracelets! I've wanted a metallic one since I only have a purple one. Metallic glams up every outfit!

  2. I've always been curious about Herbivore products. I think I need to try their toner. Still on the search for my perfect match.

  3. Yes please. So nice.

  4. hehe I'm a Capricorn too! cool earrings!
    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy