fresh faced

A few weeks ago I attended a preview for a green beauty product pop up called Green + Good, which featured products from local beauty lines and shops. While I have been trying to buy products that contain as few chemicals as possible, I have to admit that I haven’t been as careful as I could be. This event (and a lecture on green beauty) really inspired me to slowly replace all my makeup and beauty care with better options, since it isn’t realistic for me to throw everything out and start fresh all at once. I look for products that contain as few ingredients as possible, products that don’t mislead me with use of words implying the product is natural when it’s not (which happens so often it feels shameful), products that don’t contain any of the worst chemicals. I also don’t ever want to purchase any products from companies that test on animals, because no beautiful beagle pup has to suffer so that my eyelashes temporarily look fuller. Green beauty and wellness has become an area I have become increasingly passionate about, and the event was just the kick in the pants that I needed.

Luckily, the products have come such a long way. It wasn’t too long ago that I was trying out products from the health food store that just didn’t cut it. Fresh Faced is an incredible Canadian online shop that is making this process easier. Fresh Faced has done the research for us, and offer amazing support and customer care; I told founder Sally Glover about a frustrating trip to a makeup shop that I had recently, during which I tried to scan barcodes using the the Skin Deep database app, only to find that many products are not yet listed in it. I left with nothing and felt defeated, but Sally was happy to give me advice. She also offered to send me a few of the products Fresh Faced carry to try out. I decided to start with some makeup, since this is the most challenging area for me as a recovering drugstore makeup addict. (I’ve been using Province Apothecary products on my skin since my visit with Julie, and was happy to see PA carried at Fresh Faced.)

See below for a coupon code!

I recently started watching videos by Hey Fran Hey (natural beauty/fitness/nutrition), and after watching this one, which discusses non-toxic nail polishes, I learned about “3 free” and “5 free” nail polishes. RGB Cosmetics nail polishes are 5 free, meaning they contain no Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor. It definitely seems worth spending a little extra money to avoid those ingredients. And it happens to be great nail polish: this RGB polish in Peacock provides deep colour, great coverage, and it dries fast.

Ilia Beauty is one of the more exciting makeup lines that I have been enjoying lately. I love that they make products that are the most essential: lipsticks, mascara, and finishing powders, or all you really need to feel put-together. I have been using the lipstick in both Neon Angel and the tinted lip conditioner in Blossom Lady and they have been the only lipsticks I have needed, although I’m glad to have this perfect, vibrant red (Wild Child) to round out my selection. It goes on smoothly and stays in place for ages.

The finishing powder (which is refillable!) is such a great touch. It sets my makeup without being overly matte and makes my skin look and feel soft and smooth. It’s become an essential part of my routine!

For 10% off your purchases at Fresh Faced, use coupon code FIELDGUIDED at checkout, from now until Sunday, June 1. Enjoy!


  1. Ilia is the best! I want to try that finishing powder now!

  2. Reading this made me happy! I've been meaning to say thank you for turning me on to Province Apothecary. Her perfumes (I have the No. 7) and skin balm are awesome! Yes to Ilia lipsticks! If you haven't tried Bite beauty, I highly recommend them too! While they're not as moisturizing as Ilia lippies they do have an incredible shade range!