sleepy storms & zodiac marble

Geoff & I have finally created a couple of new tote designs! To be honest it can get a little overwhelming trying to decide what to do next, because there are just so many ideas in our heads, and only so much screenprinting one person (Geoff) can do. But these two designs were ones we were excited about and decided to create.

The first, “like a sleepy golden storm,” is from the Leonard Cohen song “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye,” the prettiest break-up song ever. The second is zodiac symbols on a marble background. Available here and here, and in our Big Cartel shop as well.

We had a fun Sunday taking these casual shots with our friends Laurie and Lynlea, followed up with some ice cream sandwiches. Best day!

Photography by Effie Watt Photography; modelling by Lynlea.


  1. ahhhhh the sleepy golden storm tote is beyond perfect! pulls on my heartstrings.

  2. Love all your vibes always girl!

  3. YAY so happy to see new designs from you guys! <3

  4. anabela, these are absolutely gorgeous! i'm swooning over the "sleepy golden storm" tote. it's perfect! the photography is lovely, too. so happy to see you putting new designs out into the world.... xo

  5. pretty as always
    and those pictures are really great:)

  6. these photos! this model is breathtaking! & that cohen tote! congrats you guys.

  7. So excited to see these Anabela & Geoff! Both designs are perfect!
    The handwriting on the sleepy golden storm one is beautiful!
    Laurie, beautiful photos!!!

  8. Great photos, love the bag :] x


  9. I love that song. Although it's extra sad now since I heard Peaches Geldof's husband sang it at her funeral.

  10. Anonymous19.5.14


  11. Zodiacs and marble! I've been wearing my "into the field" tote non-stop this spring so far!

  12. These are lovely.
    When I first met my now ex-boyfriend, he gave me a mix CD with that Leonard Cohen song on it. In a self-pitying fit of wallowing last night, I was listening to the mix again, and crying, and feeling all sorts of unloved. I'm not proud of this behaviour, but just as the song came on, I opened this link and realised how beautiful the song was. And how kind - yes - of him to have given me a CD with such a good break-up song as the third track. It's shown me that he probably wasn't as good, as sensitive, as kind and true as I thought, if he thought that was a good first-mix song.
    And also, that beautiful songs are still beautiful no matter how ugly my crying is.

    1. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. xoxoxo

  13. my god, these totes are to die for.
    bella xx