etsy road trip

My friends at Etsy Canada are going on a road trip in a custom 30-foot Airstream trailer, and they would love to see you as they make stops in Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, and Toronto.

From August 1 to 9, you’ll have the chance to meet local Etsy sellers, shop their unique items, enjoy live music, and eat good food. Share your road trip memory and/or vacation photos on Instagram or Twitter using the tag #etsyroadtrip for a chance to be highlighted on Etsy.com and/or Etsy's social channels. More details here.

Every summer I daydream about a road trip of my own, and I took the opportunity to do a little road trip essentials window shopping. One of these days, Houston! One of these days.

In addition to things such as a first aid kit, water bottle, snacks galore, days worth of fun music, and some form of GPS, I would pack this!

Vintage hat / deadstock sunglasses / geometric wool pillow / rose quartz point: a good gemstone to keep in your car for energy calming, if you believe in that sort of thing!


  1. Oh, it would be great to meet them ... but i live in Germany! Lovely pieces!

    xx from Germany, Rena

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  2. I often dream of selling everything and buying a camper to take off in too. the simple life!

    love this roundup of etsy things. so many great things!