mullein & sparrow

After I wrote about my journey to replace my beauty care products with more natural alternatives,  I was contacted by the creator of a line called Mullein & Sparrow, and I jumped at the chance to try out a few of the products. Mullein & Sparrow was founded by Anit Hora, who grew up in Mumbai and who incorporates Ayurvedic principles into the line. This summer my skin has been extra kapha (kaphic?) thanks to some particularly cruel hormonal fluctuations, so I appreciate the idea of bringing balance back to my skin through gentle, natural products.

If you’re interested in trying out some of the products yourself, check out the brand here, and use code fieldguided from now until September 15 for 15% off. I am especially enjoying the beautiful facial steam (it hasn’t been the hottest summer, so its comfortable!), the tinted lip & cheek balm that has a hint of patchouli in it (instantly brought me back to the late ’90s), and the clay mask. Nothing says “self care” like remembering to use a facial mask every week! I love these sorts of rituals.

I also really enjoyed these DIYs Anit shared a little while ago on Refinery 29.

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