the westmount greenhouse

As I mentioned in my Montreal post, our visit to the Westmount Greenhouse was one of the highlights of our trip. It’s a small conservatory next to a library and a park in Westmount, not too far from Leonard Cohen’s childhood home (this is how I always think of Westmount). We went on a rainy day, which made for extra peaceful vibes, and Geoff and I were the only people in there for most of the hour or so that we were there. We took a bus along Sherbrooke to get there; it didn’t take too long and it was a nice way to see parts of the city. If you ever find yourself in Montreal, I highly recommend a visit.

Geoff & I took these pictures with a Pentax film camera on long-term loan from a friend (thanks, Laurie).


  1. Wow, this looks beautiful. It reminds me of the conservatory at the Botanischer Garten here in Berlin. These kinds of places always make me happy. <3

    Alix | Oui Je T'aime Aussi

  2. Such beautiful surroundings.

  3. Your photography is gorgeous! Such a lovely place :)
    Elise | She & Bean

  4. It looks wonderful, beautiful photographs.

  5. I have yet to visit (although I live so close!) but a little-known fact about the greenhouse is that it was imagined by Lewis Carroll! Pretty fantastic, no?

  6. there is something about greenhouses. almost wish I could live in one!