bloom by raven bleskie

Raven Bleskie, a painter and zine-maker in Victoria, British Columbia, recently put on an installation show called Bloom at the Ministry of Casual Living. It’s up until tomorrow, if you have the chance to go take a look at her beautiful paintings of plant-haired people.

For Bloom, Raven painted directly onto the walls with acrylic paint (her first time painting with acrylics!). For her, the word “bloom” can “easily be described as a new chapter, something beautiful to come, or the beginning of flourishing.” Raven had reached out to me once during a difficult stage in my life (in both of our lives, actually), and it’s been so wonderful to see this project coming to life via Instagram over the past little while. It feels very healing and relaxing to look at her work!

To purchase Raven’s zines, click here.

The photos in the post were taken by Rachel Rilkoff and Lindsey Blane.

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  1. this is such a beautiful show! thanks for sharing xx