earth's treasures

On Friday night Geoff and I went to the Royal Ontario Museum (the sexily-named “Best Value Fridays,” ha) and spent most of our time in the section full of gems and minerals. It was chill and I took a lot of pictures. That’s all!


  1. Soo cool!! Love all your photos! :)

  2. Such beautiful pictures, I love exploring ore and mineral museums.

  3. How stunning ! I would love to visit such a place, hopefully one day. I have yet to find a similar museum in my area though. Thank you for sharing !

    Charlie xx

  4. Anonymous13.12.14

    I'm so fascinated by minerals!

  5. Well that is just gorgeous. All the state museums & galleries in Ireland are free, it's great.

  6. Anabele

    Your blog is enchanting! I especially loved these photos, I looked carefully and closely at each crystal. The way you were able to capture a rainbow of light inside the quartz-looking cluster is simply stunning. I had a similar experience when I visited the old, Victorian, high-ceilinged building of the National Scottish Museum. Their crystal collection is small, yet it is beautifully displayed in large wooden-edged cases. What made it all the more special was they way the crystals were surrounded by pictures of galaxies and little pin lights simulating stars. I felt like I was in heaven. If you are ever in Edinburgh, do visit the museum. They have some wonderful stuffed peacocks too!

    I always look forward to reading your new posts :).
    Best wishes for the New Year ahead.
    Zoe - http://life-gazing-and-wildstrawberries.blogspot.com/

  7. that's it…I'm really moving...