limitless love & golden years

A few weeks ago we quietly (well, via Instagram mostly!) released a couple of new tote designs, one inspired by The Beatles’ “Across the Universe,” and one inspired by David Bowie’s “Golden Years.” Two songs I have adored for so long, and one that I insisted we dance to at our wedding (“Golden Years,” that is!).

This weekend we enlisted the help of our sweet friend Alyssa to take some photos of them, because these totes are on the sweeter side and we knew she would make a good match.  We embraced the deep freeze we’ve been experiencing and went down to Sugar Beach, which was empty despite the fact that it looks even prettier in winter. The pink of the umbrellas reflected on the snow to create the loveliest pink pools. Alyssa truly brought the pastel magic and we had such a fun, high vibe afternoon.

We hope you’ll enjoy these new designs! They’re available now here and here, and of course on Etsy as well.


valentine's in toronto

Hello hello, hi! I thought I would wade in gently and break this blog silence, which has carried on for a surprisingly long time, to write about one of my favourite holidays, Valentine’s Day! I know there are plenty of good reasons to grumble about Valentine’s Day, but I say bring on the heart shapes and the hot pink. It has snowed relentlessly and it’s cold and dreary, so let me have this. I enjoyed Valentine’s Day as a single person, using it as an excuse to eat cake and sing karaoke with friends. Romantic love gets all the hype, but it is far from the only type of love to celebrate.

I, personally, would rather receive a beautiful bouquet that I can admire for days over a dinner out, especially on Valentine’s Day. I do love to eat, but I happen to have access to a pretty great personal chef and I have many taper candles on hand. And flowers are constantly on my mind in winter. Over the past few weeks a number of beautiful Valentine’s collaborations have come to my attention via Instagram, in which local shops partner with other local shops (and, um, Anthropologie) to create lovely blooms for your loved ones. I thought I would try to collect them all in one place.There are so many floral magicians in this city but I don’t happen to know all of them, so it’s possible that I missed a lot... Please note that for many of these, pre-ordering is recommended! (Also these photos aren’t necessarily representative of what you’ll get—I snagged them all from Instagram!)

1. Blush and Bloom will be having a flower pop-up shop at The Bake Shoppe, my favourite place in my neighbourhood to get cookies, cake slices, and homemade pop tarts (Saturday from 11-5pm).

2. Not a pop-up shop, but Crown Flora is taking Valentine’s Day pre-orders now and it looks as though they have some real beauties on deck.

3. Sweet Woodruff is having a flower pop-up at Anthropologie on the day, so you might be able to get some last-minute blooms.

4. Coriander Girl has partnered with the new-ish bridal concept store LoversLand for a workshop collaboration ($130 for lavender and a spot in a floral arranging workshop). What a sweet gift that would make! And of course, the usual pre-order recommendation!

5. Timberlost & Humblebound will be at Likely General starting tomorrow and until Saturday offering up blooms and watercolour cards. I got this one in an email a while ago and forwarded it immediately to Geoff, because I am subtle like that.

Also thought I’d mention a couple of other things that I personally am excited about! Treat yourself times.

Kitten and the Bear has also partnered with The Bake Shoppe to create a Valentine Breakfast-in-a-Box, which will come with the homemade pop tarts I mentioned above, which are filled with Kitten and the Bear’s own jam. How beautiful!

My sweet friend Julie of Province Apothecary has, just in time for V-Day, released a new product called Lover’s Oil, an all-natural massage oil made with essential oils that are considered to be aphrodisiacs: rose, cedar, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rosemary, bergamot, sage, vetiver and cardamom. As much as I love flowers, I think Julie may very well have my dream job. How heavenly.