limitless love & golden years

A few weeks ago we quietly (well, via Instagram mostly!) released a couple of new tote designs, one inspired by The Beatles’ “Across the Universe,” and one inspired by David Bowie’s “Golden Years.” Two songs I have adored for so long, and one that I insisted we dance to at our wedding (“Golden Years,” that is!).

This weekend we enlisted the help of our sweet friend Alyssa to take some photos of them, because these totes are on the sweeter side and we knew she would make a good match.  We embraced the deep freeze we’ve been experiencing and went down to Sugar Beach, which was empty despite the fact that it looks even prettier in winter. The pink of the umbrellas reflected on the snow to create the loveliest pink pools. Alyssa truly brought the pastel magic and we had such a fun, high vibe afternoon.

We hope you’ll enjoy these new designs! They’re available now here and here, and of course on Etsy as well.


  1. These are some fantastic(al) photos, that really made me smile :)! I agree, Sugar Beach does seem more magical in the winter - you have inspired me to check out old digs in new surroundings. You also inspired me to listen to 'Golden Years' just now ;), very very nice.

    Zoe xx

  2. Ah, this shoot is so perfect! A pink lover's dream. <3 Love your new tote designs!

  3. These are so lovely. Especially the David Bowie quote! <3