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A few weeks ago, I fell down an internet rabbit hole and found myself reading about floral remedies. I’ve had a little experience with them, because I swear by Rescue Remedy, but had often felt intimidated when looking at displays of individual flower essences in their small glass bottles (usually called Bach Flower Remedies), yet curious. That night I found myself looking at the website of Alexis Smart, who creates flower essence elixirs to “identify undealt with emotional issues and other lingering factors that ‘like the layers of an onion’ must be peeled away to return a client to vibrant health.”  I’m willing to try most things if they will lead me to “vibrant health” without doing harm, particularly if they work in conjunction with other changes I am trying to make in my life on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. And of course, how can I resist anything involving flowers?

These elixirs are blends of the individual essences diluted in alcohol (although there are glycerine alternatives if alcohol is not your thing) taken under the tongue four times daily, and each blend is meant to address a specific emotional state. They are “considered vibrational medicine, similar to acupuntcure and homeopathy, as they are very dilute and work on the subtle, bioenergetic field.”

I found myself looking at the list of elixirs available and felt very drawn to Soul Purpose (this is the best way to choose your formula, to let it choose you). I was thrilled to discover that Health Hut, a natural and organic beauty shop recently opened in brick and mortar form by holistic nutritionist Tara Miller, carried Alexis’ line; I walk past the shop nearly every day on my way to work, and had been meaning to visit anyhow (Health Hut had been one of the hosts of the Green + Good natural beauty pop up I had attended about a year ago, which ended up being a somewhat life-changing event for me!).

I went in the next day to pick up the bottle that I had ordered online and had a great chat with Tara, who is warm and lovely, in her cozy sunlit shop on Harbord Street. I later asked her to tell me about why she carries the Alexis Smart line and why she recommends them: I love Alexis's remedies for their gentle, yet transformative, abilities to heal.  They are a non-invasive, safe way to find balance and free yourself from whatever may be weighing you down.  It is hard to articulate how they make me feel, but I would best describe it as the freedom to just be myself, a lightness that makes living easy. I find them to be the perfect addition to my holistic nutrition practice, acting as that extra something to help clients overcome barriers they may not realize are affecting their daily choices. I love the look of scepticism on peoples faces when I describe flower essences to them, because I know their doubt will turn into amazement once they have tried the remedies for themselves.

Sounds pretty good, right? I have only been using Soul Purpose for two weeks and haven’t yet felt any great shifts, but it takes a month to finish a bottle and we’ll see what happens! If you’re interested in reading more, Alexis Smart has a FAQ section on her site, and I also found this interview on The Chalkboard contained a lot of useful information.

Tara has generously offered a discount code for the floral remedies on her site: enter FLORAL15 at checkout for 15% off. This code is valid until Friday, March 6, 2015.

Alexis Smart


  1. Thank you for this post. I have a family friend who does her own flower remedies and as a teen I must say that I was rather sceptical about all of this but lately I have had a growing interest in natural remedies and general health so it was nice to be reminded of this. I will most definitely try it for myself in the future.

    xo, Charlie

  2. i also use rescue remedy. i chose whole hearted. as soon as i saw the name i felt like it was right for me. and it reminded me of brene brown's ted talk on vulnerability. thank you for sharing this.

  3. My mother's an astrologer and has always been a firm believer in natural healing/medicines. She's been using and recommending flower essences for as long as I can remember and I have to say, it's nice to see something that was maybe considered a little 'hippy', becoming something a little more understood and accepted. x

    Oui Je T'aime Aussi

    1. I agree and I think it's exciting!!! I used to get teased for my interest in "hippie" things which meant that I put a lot of it aside for a few years. It's good to be back :)