ceramics by katia carletti

A few weeks ago I received a lovely package in the mail from Australia (thanks, Lauren) filled with beautiful trinkets and treasures, including seashells and crystals. Included in the package was a small plate by Katia Carletti, and I thought it was so pretty I had to look up her work. I love the patterns! Stating the obvious, but there is so much incredible work coming out of Australia!

She doesn't have a personal site, but I found some of her pieces for sale at Association, Straw and Gold, Fern, and Mr Kitly. The piece from Lauren was purchased at Council of Objects in Adelaide.


  1. these are so sweet! Any package coming from Australia is exciting and bound to be good!! It's too bad they are so far away from us. (the shipping kills me!)

  2. Oh my gosh, these are soooo beautiful ! I am absolutely obsessed with ceramics these days and have really been looking for some lovely ones as if everything goes well I should be moving out by the end of the year ! Thank you for the links. I will have to have a look to them all !

    xo, Charlie

  3. I know Katia, can't believe how far things from Adelaide Australia make it across the globe. She also has some seriously beautiful necklaces!!

  4. These pieces are gorgeous! Have always had a bit of a fetish for ceramic bowls - will have to check out her work! :)


  5. Ooo, I love these, they are fantastic!