authors for indies day at type books

On Saturday, May 2, one of our favourite local bookstores, Type, will be participating in Authors for Indies Day at their Queen West location. Authors will be in the shop for discussions, and Type will also host readings throughout the day. It’s basically a love-in for independent bookstores. I used to love visiting all the independents in the city, and now most of them are gone (RIP Pages, Britnell’s, Lichtman’s, etc. Even the Dufferin Mall had a WH Smith in it once upon a time, which of course isn’t an independent but shows you that we used to have a lot more bookstores).

You can read more about Authors for Indies Day here.

As part of the celebrations, we created a limited edition tote for Type, which will only be available at the event (Leanne Shapton also designed one, which is exciting!). This was a really fun one to design, as I was able to look to my very first love, books, for inspiration. We ended up going with the title of the incredible Flannery O’Connor short story “Everything That Rises Must Converge.” I recently (not an English major over here!) discovered that the title of the story was taken from another story, “Omega Point” by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and it made me appreciate it all the more: “Remain true to yourself, but move ever upward toward greater consciousness and greater love! At the summit you will find yourselves united with all those who, from every direction, have made the same ascent. For everything that rises must converge.”

If you’re in Toronto, I hope you’ll make it out and show Type some love!

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