I recently came across a relatively new line of all-natural, small-batch skincare based out of Toronto, Wildcraft. I always get so excited when I have the opportunity to try new products that align with my desire to use products that are made of as few ingredients as possible, without any synthetic ones. I’ve been reading the book Skin Cleanse and it’s been really affirming my commitment to natural beauty!

From Laura, part of the team behind Wildcraft:

Our focus is on designing healthy, plant and mineral based skin care from recipes that are minimalistic and ingredients that are local (vs exotic) where possible. We do this in an effort to create products that are a bit more accessible (price wise) than the average handmade skin care line. Within the small-batch / natural skin care world our brand is definitely more basics than lux, however, the majority of our ingredients are organic and everything is beautifully created by my partner Jessica. We truly believe in the healing powers of these types of products and want as many people to be able to access them as possible. It has, therefore, always been our top priority to create products that the average girl (or dude) can justify spending her hard earned toonies on!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been using the Geranium Orange Blossom Toner, the Face Serum, the Geranium Orange Blossom Face Cream (I use this one as an overnight cream), and the Chamomile Honey Makeup Remover, and my skin has been glowy and soft. Even though I know better than to touch my face, I can’t help it! I particularly love the makeup remover. It’s small enough to bring with me on all my ClassPass adventures. I carry it in a pouch with some cotton pads and remove my makeup before I sweat it all off and it has the chance to seep into my pores. Afterwards I’ll splash on some toner, especially if I’m visiting a workout space that doesn’t have a shower.

You can find Wildcraft through their online shop, or at Health Hut.


  1. Looks like a gorgeous line - and I love the name! It's great to see more and more of these brands cropping up!

  2. I just finished Skin Cleanse and it has transformed my outlook on health. Now I see it as one big interconnected system with hints and clues that poke through our skin telling us what's wrong. AND all the carefree indulgences are now viewed not just in terms of calories, but in terms of what they're doing to my body, which is huge!

    Anyway, this line looks brilliant. Have you tried the SW Basics line? Also looks amazing.

  3. I have never tried this brand before but would definitely be interested to. I love a good packaging and these are really beautiful and seem quite practical too ! Thank's for the discovery.

    xo, Charlie