behind the scenes: the sleeping beauty with daniel neuhaus

The National Ballet recently completed a run of The Sleeping Beauty, and Daniel Neuhaus sent me these beautiful behind the scenes photos that he took as the company prepared for these strenuous roles. I always love seeing the stage from his perspective since it’s so different from what one sees from the audience; the Ballet’s performances are always such a fine balance of artistry and control, but seeing dancers waiting to go on stage makes me see a hint of the nervous anticipation and excitement that must flow from the wings.

This production was the Ballet’s most expensive production, and they bid adieu to the season by announcing a number of dancer promotions. Congratulations to all of these talented dancers, and until the 2015/2016 season!

Jeanine Haller of the National Ballet School to join the Ballet as an apprentice next season

Jillian Vanstone makes an entrance

Megan Pugh waits in the wings to debut as the Cat


  1. Oh, such a beauty! Thanks for sharing)

  2. Goodness, I love seeing the detail on the costumes!