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A few weeks ago I was approached by the multi-talented Leigh Nash, who told me about a service she offers through her private yoga studio, Crown Yoga: the Union Reading, a blend of yoga and a Tarot reading (discount code at the bottom of this post). As someone who loves to get a Tarot readings done occasionally and who pulls a card daily, and who loves yoga, I was intrigued and took her up on her offer of a personal reading. It’s a combination that makes so much sense, although I can’t say that I have ever seen offered this way before.

The Union Reading is a custom yoga sequence designed around a personal tarot reading, designed to give you tools to connect your mind and body, to explore your highest possibilities and help you to live each day more mindfully.​ Each reading includes five-card a tarot reading, personal story and eight-step yoga sequence, which may include breath work, postures and meditation. 

Readings can be performed via Skype, Google Hangout, in person in Marmora, Ontario, or via email. My reading was done via email. She asked a few (very non-invasive) questions and a few days later I received a beautiful PDF in my inbox. I actually got teary-eyed as I read it because I related to the reading so much on a personal level. Many of the themes that arose are ones that have come up for me over & over again, in multiple readings and even in a reiki session I had recently (patience, patience, patience). It was really affirming because it reminded me of what I already knew, and it also offered guidance for how to move forward.

Leigh uses the Wild Unknown deck, and since I have it, I took it with me to Geoff’s family cottage where I could spend some time with the cards that appeared in my reading and also follow the yoga sequence outlined in the PDF (the yoga postures were chosen to support the cards; for example: “Supta matsyendrasana to release what no longer serves you and to detoxify organs” and “Tratak meditation to practice being present, to develop concentration and intuition.” The instructions were detailed and included diagrams, so I didn’t have any trouble following the sequence (although I am not new to yoga!). Surrounded by the sounds of the water lapping gently by the rocks, birdsong, and the smell of pine, it was one of the most sublime experiences I have had in a while.

Thank you, Leigh! If you would like a reading for yourself, enter code fieldguided at checkout for 15% off. This code is good until 11:59PM EST on June 11.

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