a perfume workshop!

Last week I was lucky enough to take The Art of Perfuming workshop with Julie of Province Apothecary. I had missed out on this workshop in the past so was thrilled to finally be able to take it! I adore perfumes but haven’t ever tried to make my own, specifically because I was too intimidated by the vast world of scent. With Julie’s instruction and advice, though, it felt easy and came naturally.

I’ve been a fan of Province’s Parfum Botanique line, particularly No. 7 and No. 14, and still wish I hadn’t missed out on the perfume she created especially for Easy Tiger a while ago. That one was a blend of rose, jasmine, vetiver, bergamont, and cedar wood, and without realizing it, I ended up making one that was similar (more on my blend later).

In the workshop we learned about top, middle, and bottom notes, and how to blend to make accords. We sniffed and sniffed essential oils and narrowed down our choices. Julie said that if something really spoke to us, it probably meant that our body needed it (Julie has a background in aromatherapy). It was very relaxing!

It was fascinating to see how different everyone’s finished blends were! Some were floral, some were more citrus-based. No two were alike.

In the end we got to take home a 10ml bottle of our own custom blend. I really love patchouli and mine ended up being pretty heavy on the patchouli, although made a little more subtle as its also blended with rose otto, bergamot, vetiver, and black pepper. A very earthy blend. I have been carrying it in my purse and I love to pull it out and give it a sniff. I jokingly said mine was called 1997 because in that year I went through a phase in which I wore patchouli oil. It takes me right back, although it detours a little through a few other lovely scents along the way.

Thanks, Julie! If you're interested in taking a workshop with Province Apothecary, watch this page, or follow on Twitter and Instagram.


  1. This is so interesting! I've never gone to a perfume workshop before and this makes me want to try it <3


  2. I would really love to do something similar. I've been wanting to make my own natural perfume for a while now but for some reason never made the time for it. I don't live in America, so I definitely will not be able to take a workshop class with Province Apothecary but I will try and look out for something similar in France !
    Loved reading this post !

    xx, Charlie