new york in june

Recently Geoff and I took a very quick jaunt over to New York City for a pre-wedding fête for some beloved friends who live there (dinner at Zizi Limona and drinks/partying at Night of Joy). The weather was glorious, the hangs were fantastic, and we took a few rolls’ of film worth of pictures. This is a mix of photos taken by both Geoff and I, using both our Olympus Stylus Epic and our Canon A-1. Enjoy!

Unfortunately for us we had booked a 7am flight home since Geoff was teaching a class in the afternoon, so we were operating on maybe two hours of sleep after the party on the way to the airport. Thanks to Blacklane for the wonderfully luxurious drive home! We dove straight into bed with Netflix as it poured rain outside and tried not to think about how much we missed our friends. Sigh.

We stayed with friends at their apartment in Brooklyn Heights and all the roses were out. Rambling roses + brownstones are such a dreamy combo.

We popped into this shop, The Primary Essentials, and wanted to buy pretty much one of everything. So many great ceramics, and a cute shop dog too.

A sweet community garden in the neighbourhood, and on the right and below, a Picasso sculpture we visited on the NYU campus. Geoff had read about it online and we decided to visit. It’s such a gem; more info here.

There happened to be a Hare Krishna festival on in Washington Square Park (which, sorry, I will forever associate with Gilmore Girls because I love Jess).

A quick stop in to visit Kiosk, one of Geoff’s all-time favourite shops (which is moving online only).

Our friend Trevor works at the Met (nbd) so we went to meet him there on a Friday evening. The light in European Sculpture Court is stunning.

Here is the happy couple, who are now married! (Annie was my maid of honour for our wedding)

Pretty good rooftop, I’d say.

My first jaunt through Central Park!

We also took a quick jaunt through the Floral District.

Trevor and Mike at the Judd Foundation (we didn’t go upstairs as we hadn’t made reservations in advance. Still a great place to visit!).


Geoff and some pieces by Dan Flavin.

Picture Room, an art shop that, again, Geoff heard about online, was one of the few shops that we visited and it was so good. The McNally Jackson Store next door (same ownership, and same ownership as McNally Jackson Books) was also wonderful to visit. Lots of great stationery and home items.

Some bright Sol LeWitt back home at YYZ.


  1. Beautiful pictures that make me want to hop on the next flight to New York! I visited last year but it was still in the depths of winter so would love to see it all leafy and lush like this in the summer time.

  2. If I ever visit New York I'm pretty sure I'll always be expecting to see Woddy Allen and Diane Keaton appearing at every corner :) Lovely photos, as always!

  3. What a dreamy looking trip! That Picasso sculpture looks amazing.