giveaway: nettle's tale and dani press

Today I’m pleased to host a giveaway from two wonderful Canadian companies, the Vancouver-based Nettle’s Tale, and the Toronto-based Dani Press. Nettle’s Tale creates swimsuits for every body, and Dani Press is a stationery company that stands by the power of the handwritten note. As a kiss to our steamy summer (there is still nearly a full month of it left!), we’ll be offering one swimsuit of the winner’s choice, 8 film notecards, and one art print.

It’s been a treat to work with these companies, who create their products with their whole heart, and who are committed to giving back. Both donate 10% of all profits to a charitable cause. You can read more about Nettle’s Tale here and Dani Press here.

This giveaway is open to everyone, and to enter, simply click over to Instagram, where I will outline the details. Good luck!

Dani and her friend Lisa Gilroy


ceramics by bolden and sojourn

Over the past few months, Shayna of Sojourn and Jen of Bolden have been collaborating on a fun series of wild/domestic cat ceramics, and the results are so charming! They’ll be updating their shop tomorrow (Friday, August 7) at 1pm EST with all new pieces—the last run sold out in a few minutes.

Both of them have been posting progress shots on their Instagram accounts (Jen here and Shayna here). I love to see the two of them working together and creating such wondrous objects!