ceramics by bolden and sojourn

Over the past few months, Shayna of Sojourn and Jen of Bolden have been collaborating on a fun series of wild/domestic cat ceramics, and the results are so charming! They’ll be updating their shop tomorrow (Friday, August 7) at 1pm EST with all new pieces—the last run sold out in a few minutes.

Both of them have been posting progress shots on their Instagram accounts (Jen here and Shayna here). I love to see the two of them working together and creating such wondrous objects!


  1. I just had a look at their online shop and I absolutely love what they do. I am obsessed with ceramics ! Sadly I do not have a place of my own yet so even though I bought a few things already (I'm moving out next year) because I found pieces that were just too cute, I cant store too much in my bedroom hahaha ! What a shame !
    I will bookmark their website though because this bowls are just too adorable and I'm all for buying from small businesses!

    xx, Charlie

  2. I am constantly scouring etsy and such places for beautiful, quirky little pieces like this! Thanks for sharing! x