repository pt. 13: oh baby!

It sure has been a while since I blogged regularly, so I thought that why not try to get back into it by doing a feature I haven’t done in… two whole years (two whole years!). I’ve missed writing here regularly, and have a little redesign planned. Every once in a while I find myself composing blog posts in my head and wonder, does anyone still care? And I convince myself that writing little updates on Instagram is enough. Lately, however, I’ve been feeling a little Instagram fatigue: I don’t want everything to be visual all the time (I thought this was a great read, speaking of Instagram). Although the world of blogging is so radically different now that it was, and although I don’t have the time for the elaborate DIYs and projects I admire on other blogs that have entire teams behind them, I really do miss the old days of it. So here’s a throwback of a post!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I announced that Geoff and I are expecting a baby! A boy, due in early July. According to an app on my phone, I start the third trimester tomorrow, which is kind of crazy. The past few years have been challenging, and I never let myself get too carried away with looking at baby things, so it feels as though a whole new world has opened up in front of me. A world in which there is no shortage of cute things to buy, and in which things are really aggressively gendered! I’m trying to knit and sew some things while I have the time and energy now, and I like to collect things in a Pinterest board for inspiration. I’ve built a pile of far more books than I will ever be able to possibly read (thrift shops are such a great source of pregnancy and baby books), and I’ve started picking away at the list of things I need to get for the nursery (how exciting, to get to set up a nursery!). It seems a little daunting but I love it so much, and feel so lucky to have the chance to surround myself with adorably tiny things. Here are some things I think are just so sweet. Super into bunnies and sleepy face motifs, it turns out.
one: knitted romper / two: mini tent / three: baby pants / four: cloud mobile / five: wooden balancing game
six: baby gym / seven: bunny lamp designed by local designer elizabeth olwen / eight: page from Erika Knights Natural Nursery Knits, which, along with her Simple Knits for Cherished Babies are my two favourite knitting books (I love the emphasis on natural yarns and materials, and the knits are classic and beautiful) / nine: sleepy kitty pillow / ten: hard soled shoes
eleven: bookends / twelve: sleepy hat / thirteen: the Babyletto Hudson crib (this is actually the crib we have purchased; we liked the look of it and loved the fact that it’s Greenguard certified; we got it locally at West Coast Kids—since it’s a popular crib it was in stock, which was great since I learned that sometimes you have to order cribs far in advance! I had no idea) / fourteen: Stories for My Child by Samantha Hahn / fifteen: I wasn’t sure if I should get a wrap but when I saw this photo on the Solly Baby Wrap Instagram account I thought, sold! No better way to market directly to my brain than with this photo (I got the wrap in Baltic) / sixteen: Tinycottons botanical print line is so ridiculously adorable I had to get this onesie as one of my biggest clothing splurges (and yes, I got the peachy one as a small act of rebellion!)