moon + flower by lauren wilson

I thought this would be an appropriate thing to post on a the day of a new moon!

From March 10 to April 1, Lauren Wilson of Timberlost Designs and Wild Altar had an exhibition of her watercolour moons up at Souvenir Studios (one of my favourite new shops in the city), along with a few of her floral arrangements. It was a beautiful show with one of the loveliest openings I have had the pleasure of attending. I am a huge fan of Lauren’s work (and also of Lauren!), as everything she touches is so stunning; her floral arrangements can be so wild and almost dark when she’s creating work to accompany her own projects. Unfortunately I don’t have an image of the arrangements from the opening, as these photos were taken a few days later.

About the show and paintings:

The universe takes what it wants, folds it back into its deep dark matter. Its clandestine face shines as brightly as its undisguised one. My two subjects in this show, Moons + Flowers, are part of this mysterious cycle. The beginning of the universe and the first time a plant species evolved into becoming a flower still baffles us.

And yet we keep searching. We are inherently fascinated by the unknown, the dark spaces between ourselves and the cosmos. My moons, my many moons originated from a period of looking to the universe for answers. As I painted them, as I let the whirlpools of light and tones collide, I felt closer to the matter that once consumed me, to the one I loved and lost.

My flowers are my living ghosts, clasped between my hands, transient beauty. With an emphasis on their individual structure and stems, my arrangements aim to reconcile the tension between nostalgia and the present, between life and death.

Both my Moons + Flowers are a result of my sacred wonderment. Mediums which, through interpretation, allowed me to accept the mystery, immortalize the past and make the future my own.

Dedicated to my beloved father, Alan Wilson, 1946–2015.

Some of the flowers used in her show were dyed with natural inks made by Jason Logan of The Toronto Ink Company. Inks derived from: black walnuts, turmeric, sumac, iris root, rust and shells.

Just a few photos from around Souvenir, because it is full of treasures.