debbie carlos: poster party + promo code

I’ve been a big fan of the work of photographer Debbie Carlos for a long time (I got her giant ice cream poster five years ago!) and recently had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband in Toronto while they were visiting. And a lovely meeting it was!

She recently redesigned her shop website, and with it included a new lookbook. The lookbook was shot by the very cool photographic team Ola~Onda. Since we seem to be in the middle of a heat wave right now, I am feeling the waviness/meltiness of the styling.

Debbie has generously created a coupon code for those of you who want to check out her shop and pick up one of her amazing prints (or phone cases! Geoff has this one and loves it): THUNDERINOURHEARTS for 20% off your purchase of $40 or more! Good until June 25th. Happy summer!


a baby shower!

This past weekend my sweet sister-in-law Rosalyn threw a baby shower for me. For us! I never had a bridal shower and I felt a little funny about having a baby shower, but thought it would be a wonderful way to see all my friends together and to celebrate this babe who is 6.5 weeks away with cake and prosecco (and, ahem, mineral water in some cases). So, not for me after all!

When we started planning it a few months ago, we thought mid-May would be the perfect time to have a casual park picnic. The park in our neighbourhood has fire pits that can be rented for free, which is a really lovely thing that makes the street smell so nice in the summer. Unfortunately, the weather on Sunday was shockingly horrible and unseasonal—cold with periods of hard rain and even hail, although luckily it was quite sunny. We ended up having the shower in our apartment, which made for a cozy atmosphere. It was perfect. I loved having so many dear friends in our home! Of course, it was also quite chaotic, and I didn’t get the chance to take any pictures. I did take some shortly before our guests started to arrive.

I got the paper puffballs above in 2012 for our wedding—I barely remember if we used them—and had saved them thinking they would be perfect for a baby shower. They ended up waiting a few years longer than anticipated, but I was glad I got to use them after all (there would have been no way to hang them in the park!). The room they’re in in this photo is the baby room, which is still in progress. It’s my favourite room in our whole apartment.

I made the invitations using a template from Vistaprint (I cannot resist a mailed invitation!). There are so many beautiful paper invitations out there, but these were the most affordable that I found, and I was able to customize the template quite a lot. I didn’t think there was a need to go overboard with invitations since an email invite would have been just fine! I was really happy with these and think they’re pretty adorable. I put a note on them that partners were welcome.

The beautiful flowers came from Lauren of Timberlost. These roses smelled like candy! I loved the chamomile.

I wore a beautiful dress from HATCH, the Lina caftan. I can’t remember the last time I got so many compliments on a dress! I haven’t been feeling too amazing about my weight gain (even though I know it is for the best reason), but I felt really good in this dress. It’s such a pretty colour, it has lovely details like the tassel cord, the fabric is light and airy, and I will be able to wear it for years to come. If only it were caftan season all year long. Yes, I did wear my Moroccan slippers at the party, ha. Oh and yes I feel very awkward putting my hands on my belly!

I’ve been admiring cookies by Lindsey Bakes for years, and while I’ve purchased her special edition holiday ones in a few local shops and coffee shops, I never had an excuse to order custom ones for myself... until now (I wasn’t hosting the shower but I went rogue). I gave her some suggestions, although I left it pretty open, and was thrilled when I saw these sleepy animals and sleepy cloud cookies. These are made with the cloud cookie cutter from Herriott Grace! They were a huge hit.

Delicious chocolate “bambino” cake and cupcakes by my friend Lynlea! I forgot to cut the cake until almost everyone had left, so ummm just lots of leftover cake for me.

Since the party had been planned as a picnic, I had purchased disposable paper plates, cups, etc. (although I of course do not own enough dinnerware for 35–40 people!). The last time Geoff and I were in the US we bought the cups and plates from the line designed by designlovefest for Target. I’m not a huge fan of disposables, but this is such a cute line! The Target we visited didn’t have the full range with all the black and white options, but it was fun to have colour on the table.

My brother barbecued a few different types of burgers (thanks, Victor!) and we had a variety of snacks such as cheese, olives, antipasto, and, of course, chip salad (ETA: a mix of 4 or 5 different chips, always a huge crowd pleaser!).

Thank you so much to everyone who came! I love you all.


packing a hospital bag

Lately I think I have been feeling a bit of a calm before the storm. Things have been quiet. When I come home in the evenings, I usually settle in for some knitting or sewing, and funnily enough, baseball games. This is a new phenomenon! I have really loved watching baseball games since they started in April. I find the sounds of baseball comforting, which came as a surprise. I haven’t felt particularly creative or active, but my mind has been going non-stop. Now that I have eight weeks of pregnancy left (ahh!), and since I got a very helpful list from my prenatal class, I’ve started to think about what I will pack in my hospital bag. I’ve asked a few pros for their opinions and the first thing everyone says is that they didn’t use most of what they packed since hospital stays can be so short— which is funny to me because on the two visits I’ve made to the labour and delivery floor, I’ve seen women arriving with giant suitcases! I definitely understand the urge to feel (over-)prepared, and so here are some of my thoughts about some of what I will pack. I know things don’t always go according to plan but I know that having my bag packed will help me feel at ease in the last few weeks.

Fjällräven was kind enough to send me a Kånken No. 2, which I thought would make the perfect bag to bring. I know it doesn’t look very large, but it fits quite a lot! Plus it’s cute, and as I have seen with a Fjällräven bag I bought years ago, super durable. I’ll probably pack a few additional tote bags for the things the hospital gives you upon discharge.

Breastfeeding pillow (I sewed one), and a pillow from home, since those hospital pillows can be a little flat (and I imagine it would be nice to have something familiar). This pillow by Auggie is so sweet and the cover is machine washable. Perfect.

Massage oil. I love this Kahina argan oil: it absorbs so quickly, and the smell is delicate. We’ve been learning some massage techniques in our prenatal class, which has come in handy since the only issue I’ve had this pregnancy is back pain.

Comfortable clothing for the hospital stay. I spent about a week in the hospital a couple of years ago and my favourite things to have with me were slouchy socks. I padded around the whole floor in them. This kit from Hatch, the Hatch to Hospital box, contains so many soft items that would be perfect for the period after the delivery, including slouchy cashmere socks! What a treat. The airy Tulla top would make a wonderful piece to go home in, since it will be July.

Nursing bras, extra underwear, water shoes in case we get a tub room, toiletries. I think it will be important to bring my own hand soap (I really like the Live Clean brand) because I cannot stand the soap at the hospital, which is very harsh.

I like the idea of having a notebook with me. I often forget to write things down but this feels like an important time to jot things down so as not to forget.

For Geoff: a watch with a second hand (he can borrow my Cluse watch), and pyjamas for his night of very uncomfortable sleep in the chair next to the bed, if he can get any sleep! Plus phone chargers, cameras, snacks, etc.

For baby, star of the show: a cotton hat, some onesies, and a cute outfit for going home. I like this knit set even though it looks warm. We’ll be going from an air conditioned hospital to an air conditioned car, and I don’t know much about babies but I know they like to be warm! Plus a sweet cotton blanket.

Diapers. While I love the idea of cloth diapers, the reality is that it isn’t practical for us since we don’t have laundry at home. I’d like to use diapers that are as eco-friendly as possible, and luckily we live in a city that recycles them.

Of course, we can’t leave the hospital without a car seat. We recently purchased the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio and will install it soon.

 I love lists, so if you have any that helped you or if you have any suggestions, please share!


wall tapestries with society 6

I recently wrote about wall tapestries for Society 6. You can read the post on their blog here. I also created a collection with some of my favourites! There are so many incredible designs available that it was hard to narrow down my selections. I particularly love the Clouds print by Debbie Carlos. I’m looking forward to summertime visits to the park with these in tow!

Thanks to our pals Melinda Josie for letting us borrow her apartment for some photos, and Lynlea Combot for modelling again! You can see more photos from Melinda’s cute space on Apartment Therapy here.