mirra mirra

Anyone who knows me knows I can be a little obsessed with phone cases. I even took a stab at designing them myself. I went through a period where I was switching out my case every few days, depending on my mood, from a silicone bunny to a novelty-sized set of lips to a more austere (in comparison) marble pattern. 

I was pretty excited when I heard about a new phone case from my friends at Shine: Mirra Mirra. This is a beeauutiful phone case in and of itself, but it features a mirror and lights for makeup touchups in the dark. I have definitely been guilty of a tooth check using the front-facing camera!

Mirra Mirra was created by Matthew Goss and Mark Ainsworth of Australia. If you watch the video on their Indiegogo site, you’ll see that this case took a bit of engineering ingenuity to create. So many things to consider! But the result is a slim, lovely, and multi-use case.

While the Mirra Mirra phone case is not yet available for sale through traditional means, you can get one via the Indiegogo campaign. I’m really into the rose gold (of course), although the marble is also a nice option. Choices, choices.

Currently Mirra Mirra is only available for iPhone. Follow the campaign via Facebook!

This photo above is from the launch party that was held recently here in Toronto. I couldn’t attend, but can’t get enough of this mirror display! So pretty.

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