sleep in heavenly peace: the dock-a-tot

I have mentioned this on Instagram (over and over, it seems), but the world of baby sleep and baby naps is one that threw me for a loop. I somehow, naively, thought babies slept all day long, with adorable breaks for playing and eating. I suppose some do, but mine sure does not. Sometimes he’ll nap for 30 minutes and wake up laughing and ready to party. I try not to worry about it, since he’s been meeting his milestones and isn’t a particularly cranky baby, but it means I get so little downtime that I am usually feeling pretty rough. I fully expected to be sleep deprived, but I thought I would have time for some tidying and reading. Nope! I also thought he would go from the bassinet next to our bed to the crib, no problem. Nope!

I’ve seen people singing the praises of the Dock-A-Tot, an award-winning baby sleep pod, made of breathable materials. Even though we were co-sleeping, I didn’t get the smaller size, the Deluxe, for Luca when he was born. I hemmed and hawed about it and didn’t make up my mind in time. Now we have the Grand, which is for use from 9 months to the toddler years, and it has been wonderful! It has many uses: it can be used for lounging, playing, and changing (which is great when they get too squirmy for the changing table). I specifically like it for naps, when and if they happen, because I can put it on the floor and he has a safe place to snooze. I can carry it from room to room easily, and I can travel with it. I know that a lot of people like starting off with the Deluxe because the cushioning makes small babies feel secure so that they sleep better (and as Diana says, it can be great for tummy time), but I think even older babies like Luca enjoy the snugness. Sometimes I put it on the bed since we have blackout curtains in our bedroom, and with my eye on the monitor at all times, he gets a nice long snooze. It looks so cozy that I want one.

This cover is the Mrs Mighetto Night Night cover (we also have the Silver Lining cover). It is so sweet!

Of course, it’s always important to read the safety guidelines of any baby product, and especially of baby sleep products. Find that information here. Click here for $10 off your own dock.


learning alongside baby #forbetterbeginnings

This post is sponsored by PlaytexBaby, as I explained in my post announcing the #PlaytexMoms partnership!

No spills!

There are so many things that I didn’t know about babies, and things books don’t tell you. It’s been an ongoing learning process. For example, when Luca was ready to start solids, I myself was not ready. It had taken so long to adjust from having all the freedom in the world to having an exclusively breastfed baby who had to go everywhere I went and to be fed whenever he wanted, which was often. He didn’t understand that I was having lunch in a diner or driving on the highway. I had finally gotten used to this (yes, it took six months, but six months go by pretty quickly), and now I had to prepare and feed him fruits and vegetables and cereals, and I had to start thinking about giving him water. I had a vague notion that sippy cups existed, but I thought they were for toddlers. You see, I went into this baby game wholly unprepared. Suddenly I had a baby who was eating solids and grabbing glasses out of our hands and putting them to his mouth. It seemed to happen so fast, but it was time for a sippy cup. It was almost past due!

As I do with almost everything, I read up on sippy cups, and learned that babies need to try out a few different types before finding the ones they like. Luckily, we seem to have struck gold with the Playtex® Sipsters® as he took to them right away. We started with the Stage 1 training cups, but have now moved on to Stage 2, although sometimes we mix it up. Sometimes I leave the handles on, and sometimes he holds the cup in his tiny hands. Sometimes I give him a straw cup, sometimes I give him a spout cup. He’s still learning, and it’s fun to watch.

These cups are highly durable, BPA free, and we have yet to have had any leaks! I threw a couple of full cups into a tote when we went on a trip to the art gallery the other day and the spill-proof spout worked a charm. The cups have rubber inserts to prevent leakage, so they’re great on the go! And while I personally like more muted colours, Luca seems to be really drawn to these bright blues and greens (he is forever lunging at green bottles of carbonated water).

Playtex® Sipsters® are widely available through Amazon, and at Toys R Us and Walmart.


highchair hangouts after party at the drake general store

Every Tuesday throughout March and April, the Drake General Store flagship location (1151 Queen Street West) will be holding an “after party” for their Highchair Hangouts, and next Tuesday, March 14th, I’ll be hosting! This event will be from 1 to 3pm and will involve 30% off kids and baby apparel, plus treats for you and the little ones. There are lots of new arrivals from their in-house brands, which we love (check out the blanket above and the little Mountie-print sweater! So cute), as well as Levis, Sways, Fort Kids, and more.

The Highchair Hangouts event on that day sounds really fun too: baby photoshoots! Maybe I’ll see you there?

Photos by Louisa Nicolaou.