#EarnLikeaProHoHo: holiday firsts with PC financial

This post is in partnership with PC Financial.

I can hardly believe it’s already December! I am definitely not ready for the holidays but this year we got a major item off our checklist and established a fun new family tradition at the same time. Most years we have a small, pre-lighted white tree that we put up, and we decorate with the glass ornaments I have collected over the years. We modified that a bit last year and focused on ornaments that wouldn’t break, of course. But this year I was really missing the smell of a real tree, and we decided to head out to a Christmas tree farm and pick one out for the first time. We didn’t know what size of tree we would bring home, but I knew my collection, which was enough for my three foot tree, wouldn’t cut it. A PC Financial World Elite Mastercard, which earns you 3X the PC Optimum points, made our new holiday moments easy—considering all the expenses related to the holidays that crop up at this time of year.

In preparation for bringing home a big tree, I knew I had to bulk up the selection of ornaments and decorations we had at home. I headed to the closest Real Canadian Superstore and purchased a selection from the Life at Home line. They had a few different themed collections to choose from which made it so easy to stick to my preferred colour scheme of pink and metallics. I really went all in for sparkle this year! And I don’t have to worry about a curious toddler breaking them as they are all shatterproof. The candy-shaped ornaments are my favourite, but I also really love the woodland-themed ones.

To maximize value, I was sure to use my PC Financial World Elite Mastercard. We love collecting PC Optimum points at my house, and with this card I am able to earn like a pro: three times the points on every dollar I spend at Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, No Frills, and more. By the way, if you collect PC Optimum points, make sure you download the app for your personalized offers. I don’t have a ton of money-saving tips but that is definitely one of mine. We do basically all our shopping at No Frills with the occasional trip to Loblaws or Superstore for higher-end items (although our local No Frills is amazing!) so it’s one of my most-often used apps.

I just love these Life at Home train stocking holders! Up until now we’ve never hung our stocking properly, and Luca was equally as excited about them. Trains, mama! Trains!

Look at this shimmer! I picked up a new tree skirt and a new lighted tree topper because the glitter on the one we’ve been using for years has started to flake off, and it also somehow got squished? It was looking pretty sad, so this was the perfect time for an upgrade.

On Saturday we bundled up and headed to Merry Farms in Dundas. The family name really is Merry! It was a bit cold and lineups to get in were long, but Luca always loves a visit to a farm and we had a lovely time picking out a tree (it ended up being a little smaller than we thought we would get, but it's perfect!) and chopping it down.

We decorated it the next day, but Luca had come down with his first ever stomach flu and wasn’t up for participating, although he did love plugging in the lights. This morning he woke up and asked why the star wasn’t lit up! I can’t wait for the tree to keep us feeling warm and cozy all through December.